Lemongrass Spa Sale – ENDS JULY 6

Hello again! My friend Jill at Lemongrass Spa has opened her sale to benefit RTF. 20% of all sales made for RTF will be donated back, part in the form of product to be sold at our silent auction on AUG 1, and part in a cash donation! How awesome is that!?

I shared before about my love for these products in earlier posts here and here.

Act now! Follow these three simple steps to shop for RTF. Truly, you cannot go wrong with these hand-made, 100% natural, Colorado products!

1 – go to http://www.ourlemongrassspa.com/jill
2 – click “SHOP ONLINE” at the top
3 – choose “Rowan Tree Foundation” as the event you are shopping for.

Thank you!

Massimo, the traveling peddler

I have been having a frantic and stressful week so far, shed several tears and have had a tummy ache since Saturday (poor you!, you scream with dismay). Alas, everything seems to be falling in to place for the RTF event on Saturday, and I still have a ton of work to do between now and then. I got an email that made me laugh out loud, and had to share it. It is spam, so I won’t open it – but here is what appeared in my inbox: From: Massimo Subject: Bragging Rights in Your Pants I think about all these spam emails that come through, and the fabulous names that are chosen for these faux senders. Perhaps a fiction should be written about them and their fantastical adventures. Starting with Massimo, the traveling peddler from Florence, Italy who sells miracle cures and fine tonics to heal whatever ails you – starting with the one that provides bragging rights in your pants.

News Bloopers

Once upon a time, I worked in the television advertising industry in NYC. And one day, I had to be on the set of a popular talk show (where the blonde hostess wore these gigantic red-framed glasses). On this day, I got to see the woman behind the ruby frames. She threw an F-bomb right at someone – right in front of my eyes! I have never been the same since. I can still recall the internal struggle I was having with the part of my brain that knew this sweet lady who was on the TV. Lettuce just agree that she was not the sweetest berry on the vine, ok?

Since then, I have forever been intrigued by the opportunities we have to catch glimpses of TV personalities and other celebs in moments of pure truth. I wonder where she is now… I must research her! But until then, you have got to love this guy:


Well, in a matter of about 12 hours, the plagiarism incident I shared below has been resolved. In that, Yahoo has removed the post from the person’s blog. I was pretty surprised to have received such swift response, but then again – that shows just how seriously they take matters of copyright infringement. I thought I would die of a heart attack when I clicked the link below, it now points to a page that has been removed. I thought Yahoo had deleted her entire blog! But, it was just the single blog post that was obliterated, the rest of her stuff is intact. Incidentally, she writes some interesting stuff. I have no idea if the woman was given the text of the note I sent along with my complaint. I can only hope they sent it along. I suppose I can’t have it both ways. I sure do wish her blog had a contact method on it. Anyway… having a day to think on all of this has mellowed my initial angry reaction and has amplified my feelings of being in the right – defending my right to protect my work. I just wish I could find a way to assuage the guilt.