Reality TV

You want to know something? I think we all have the capacity to be really nasty people. I think that deep inside many of us would like nothing more than to speak our minds when we are feeling put upon, wronged, or slighted. The little devil on the shoulder shouts for us to speak out if we are ever treated in any way other than that to which we sense we are entitled. All of the time. You want to know something else? You can’t. Well, at least you shouldn’t, and when you do – that moment should be chosen in the same way that you might choose to pick your battles. Is it worth it; that moment of feeling that you’re on top? For putting someone in their place? Making them feel small? The answer is probably always going to be “no”, especially when you’re on camera. I was reading news about Solange Knowles, the lesser known of the Knowles talent dynasty. She has a new album coming out, her first? I have no idea. I should know, because I read the whole article, twice. But, I just could not get past the first minute of this interview: What is Miss Knowles the Younger thinking? Does she imagine that we’re going to sit back and cheer – “You Go Solange? Way to put that stupid no-name tv news anchor in her place! Way to stand up for the rights of all celebrities who must sit through those inane and endless interviews to hawk your over-mixed faux retro album to the masses? I am going to run out RIGHT NOW and download your album two times!” Because that is not what I am thinking at all. Imagine being her publicist… here you are thinking that you have a diamond in the rough just waiting to shine for all the world to see and here she goes.. her interview with a jaunty hostess on the news… and … wait, what… what is she… oh my god… someone get me a cocktail, and my yogi.

Obama, McCain, Joan Rivers, and The Dixie Chicks!

Last night, my friends Rebecca, Jen and I attended The Gabriel Foundation charity fundraiser at Cableland in Denver. The Gabriel Foundation is a “parrot welfare organization licensed by the State of Colorado, promoting educational outreach, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, long-term foster care, and sanctuary pertaining to the needs of parrots everywhere.” Now, I don’t own a parrot, but I have friends who do! My friend has a beautiful Green Wing Macaw named Spikey. He is so beautiful, huge (for a non-bird owner) and has charmed me from the first time I met him. My friend works for TGF and when she told me about the event, and the location, and the fun stuff that was planned – I knew I had to go. When we arrived, the valet service ushered us to the red carpet, where we met with the fabulous Joan Rivers (before all the awful plastic surgery!) She squealed “Oh look! The Dixie Chicks!” And proceeded to have us sing an impromptu ditty entitled “Feathers are a Girls Best Friend” This image below captured our musical stylings perfectly:

Cableland is the former home of Bill Daniels, the Cable Television tycoon from back in the day. This mansion was built in the 1980’s and let me just say: gold, silver and mauve. It was bequeathed to the City and County of Denver as the “official residence of the Mayor” but remains vacant and is used as an event venue for nonprofit events. The walls were done in padded fabrics, there were glittery carpets, and I am quite excited to share that I made a pee pee on a mauve potty!

During dinner we were seated at a table with a married couple and two women who worked together. The two ladies were both clearly younger than I (I am 30something) and the married woman shouts over the table to one of them, “So, is this your daughter?” yeeeouch! After an awkward few moments I chime in with, so, do you guys own birds? And the conversation rambles on without me having a clue what she was saying, she was a low-talker. I just nodded and was laughing to myself about how ridiculous people can be. She then started talking about “grandbirds” and Rebecca almost wet her pants. There was lounge music that was so cheesy retro is was actually cool. And during a musical break we had a bird show, the highlight of which was a Cockatoo named Pangie who Rollerskated for us. Pardon my shaky video, I was far back and had to zoom: Hoping to preserve our moment for posterity, I asked a lady to take a picture of the three of us. She demurred saying that her husband was by far the better photographer. He took this one and handed the camera back. “Here you go ladies!” …um, sir? So we asked him to take another: Much better! :)

It is a phase

Not to be left out of any shenanigans at our house, my youngest has found extreme happiness in the dress-up bin. Not one to try and mold my child into anything other than who he really is, I am loathe to dissuade him from this, his favorite costume:

Behold, Princess Aidan the Fair

If nothing else, he has the good fashion sense not to forget his “Girly Shoes”, and spends as much time as possible clickety clacking on our hard-wood floors: