Jury still out on The Shack

A group of friends and I have been getting together for drinks every week or so, and recently started talking about the book The Shack. I hadn’t read it, have no desire to be honest. It is not because it deals with the death of a child, or that it is about faith… it is just that from all appearances, it is not my cup of tea. Perhaps after I have read it I will be able to explain better. All the others there had read it and were quite enthralled and moved and excited by it all, so I agreed to read it so we could discuss it. I picked it up and leafed through the first pages, and already was not liking the writing style… so I downloaded the audio unabridged, and have started listening. It’s not going well. The narration is following the writing style, which I suppose is to the credit of the production. I was hoping for a departure. I will stick with it. Have you read it? Without any spoilers… what did you think?

A snapple a day…

OK – I am back… have you missed me? I have been so wildly busy rearranging my life, and now, dear Readers, I have simplified and focused, cleaned my house, had a near-death experience with my neck and a snowboard, and am happily reporting back to business here on my blog. I hope you will return. :) Wednesday night, while reading “The Venetian Betrayal” in my jammies, we were transported back in time to the reign of Alexander the Great, and his adventures, his gay lover, and his death. Did you know there is a mystery surrounding the exact location of his body? Anyway, while reading we were told about how he was mummified. His body immersed in white honey to preserve it, as honey is the only food that does not rot. I was surprised at this nugget – didn’t know that about honey. How interesting, don’t you think? Did you already know that? As you might also know if you are a Snapple fan, each bottle cap is printed with a lovely bit of trivia. On Thursday morning I popped the top of my freshly chilled bottle to read this timely piece of information, although by this time I am well educated in the magical properties of honey:

Honey is the only food that does not rot.

Then, last night while dallying on Facebook, my friend J asked for some help with the creation of a poster to advertise her latest business promotion. While chatting I whipped something up and she was making jokes about how I am her nice cuddly friend, like a teddy bear. I said, like a sock monkey? And she said, yeah, you could be my sock monkey but I don’t like Monkeys. We then went off on a tangent about how monkeys like to throw their poop at the spectators in the zoo, and I shared a real-life story about the apes in the Bronx Zoo and The Poop and Geisha incident circa 1978. It was decided that I would be her sock Giraffe, because really – who doesn’t like a giraffe? This morning I went over to J’s for a 45-minute Turbo Jam session, during which J presented me with a gift of “Magic Socks” that you have to drop into a bowl of water to see them expand into a pair of real socks. Mine are docorated with a cute little giraffe! So fun, and we will immerse them later. Then off for a visit with my friend’s new baby, and a Snapple for the road. I popped the top to see this: What do you make of that? Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!