Anyone in a service business will appreciate this…

When I am not wearing my Rowan Tree hat, I am a graphic designer. I run a small studio out of my home. I do it to keep my kids in their preschool, I do it because I like it, and I do it because I can. I am lucky to have a thriving little (tiny) gig of my own. I cater to smaller businesses. Small businesses, especially start-ups, tend to be tight on cash… I get this. I am one of those myself. And yet, I am amazed at how often I get a call asking for a bid on a job, and when I send my bid they accept but only with the caveat that we could cut the price somehow. Or, as one client asked me to do a job for 50% of the bid, but accept 25% in cash, and 25% in trade on something I could not even use if I wanted to! If you can’t do if yourself, then you need to hire someone. If you cannot do it yourself, but you need it… why do you feel entitled to a discount? If it is too pricey to hire me… then move on to the next guy. Do you give your time away? Are your business services free? While looking over my accounts receivable tonight, wondering how I got to this point where I am owed more than I have been paid this year, I heard my husband playing this on his computer across the way… I had to share: ’nuff said.

Membership Campaign

Hi everyone, Please help us raise awareness for the work we are doing at Rowan Tree Foundation. We are working hard to reach 1,000 members on facebook, and can do it with your help. Child death happens every single day, all over the world. Given the magnitude of occurrences, you’d think there would be equal levels of support responses from the communities of the world. You’d think that all medical professionals from obstetrics to peds would have had training in compassionate care-giving for the circumstances where a child dies. The reality is that its the luck of the draw as far as how your medical team is able to support you in your grief. Rowan Tree Foundation is an all volunteer organization that works to support families after the death of a child during pregnancy, or after they are born. Isolation accompanies this sort of loss, and parents and friends need to know there is a place they can go to be heard, to read, to connect, and most of all, to realize they are not alone. We’re working this summer to increase our reach around the globe, and one of the ways we are connecting to new folks is through facebook. Please join our cause, and if you do not use facebook, go to our website at and subscribe to our newsletter. (We do not send spam or share your info.) Coming in July we are having a contest giveaway that you’re going to want to be in on. So, join us, and help spread the word. Thank you!