Guest Blog: Martin King with his #100Blogfest

Guest Blog: Martin King with his #100Blogfest

Martin King, author, blogger, and a man with a long memory, decided to make August the month where he would post 100 childhood memories on blogs around the world. What an ambitious and daunting task!

Could you draft up 100 memories in a month? (I don’t know if I could.) As we reach the last day in August, it looks like he’s done it. *bows down to Martin* For those of you who are doing the math This works out at roughly 3 a day.

I am pleased to welcome Martin as a guest blogger to share his memory about GAMES:

As we touched on in Blog # 6, toys were a big thing in a child’s life. Where would we be without them? But one thing I’ve not touched on really is games. Can you recall all the great games you used to have and play with? But there is so many and it’s knowing where to start with them. So this memory I am categorising them and just sticking to games that had a lot of great bits to them.

First of all do you remember Buckaroo? That great plastic mule where you had to carefully place different items on its back… but be warned, you overloaded it and it would “buckaroo!” You lose! There was another game almost identical called Jaws. Probably came out on the back of the film. Only with this game, you played it in reverse. You piled everything into its mouth and piece by piece, you had to take them out until the jaws snapped shut!

What about Ker-plunk – that great game with marbles and sticks. Do you know I still possess an original boxed game? Yep, it’s true!

Another classic is Operation. The game of nerves and a steady hand. You know the game…the board was a picture of a man with holes in certain parts of his anatomy. Dependent on the skill level of the item you managed to take out using the tweezers, you got paid a certain amount of money. But if you had a shaky hand, then his nose would light up and a buzzer would sound making you jump. I think the hardest one was the elastic band.

But the greatest gadgety game of them all was Mouse Trap! That fantastic game where you built up the crazy apparatus as you steadily moved around the board. Then if someone’s mouse landed on the wrong spot, the man would kick the bucket that would set off a chain of events until finally the trap would be sprung.

These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:

Monday Memo – 5 Things for the Week

1. Be nice. I recently had a brief interaction with someone over the interwebs that didn’t go as expected for either of us. The entire thing is inconsequential, however, it reminded me of the Golden Rule. You know, the one where you treat people as you wish to be treated? Instead of asking me nicely about the apparent disconnect between myself and this person, I got an email in which the someone was at once curious about the problem, berating me for being the problem, taunting, judgmental, and just plain rude. Of course, I subscribe to the words of sage Maya Angelou who says: when someone shows you who they really are, believe them. And so I have moved on. Who needs negative people?  But seriously folks, I ask you, in my mom voice, “What does it cost you to be nice?”

2. 18.1M – That’s not $Mil, that is MILES!  That is how far my training partner and I ran on Saturday morning and it was awesome! I realize that in the world of running, this is a measly everyday thing… but for us it is the most we have ever done (we’ve only been running this year). I remain in a state of amazement whenever we are able to complete a training run of the “long run” variety. Being on a training schedule and having a steady partner is what makes this possible… but woooo freaking hoooo! 18 miles. Eight. Teen. (point 1). Marathon is in 6 weeks. I can’t wait!

3. Mozambique – I was surfing the web last night and came across this photo slideshow about people of Mozambique who live among the trash at the Hulene garbage dump. Taken by photographer Jose Ferreira, the photos are incredibly sad. The story and captions that go along with these images are sobering. Ferreira said, “The life we waste everyday because we want a better one or because we are never satisfied with it, is the life that many wish and yearn to have and would give everything to have it.” Think about that.


4. Irene – As of this writing, Hurricane Irene is being blamed for 21 deaths along the East Coast of the US. The images on the news of all the rain and the flooding and the destruction are really amazing. I was living in NY when Hurricane Gloria landed on my house in the form of a tree in my bedroom and we watched squirrels literally airborne as they tried in vain to cling to the trees. Nature is truly awesome in its power sometimes. Prayers for the dead and their families. Patience for those dealing with the aftermath.

5. Divergent – by Veronica Roth. This book was amazing. Go now. Buy it. Now. You can thank me later.

Fab Word Friday – Sprachgefühl

Fab Word Friday – Sprachgefühl

You know when something just feels right? When you know in your bones that you’ve made the right choice?  I’m reminded of the Volkswagon ad campaign that was all about fahrvergnügen.  Well, when it comes to language and specifically syntax in language, that intuitive sense of what is linguistically appropriate is called sprachgefühl.

Not everyone has this, of course, and often that results in errors in speech and writing that can be endearing, hilarious, or downright annoying.  Whole books and websites have been written about the the lack of sprachgefühl in those translating from one language to another and there are some gems that focus on things that literally get lost in translation.

I think that when dealing with errors in translation, one reason for a lack of sprachgefühl might be a derivitive of the speaker’s (or author’s) native language. If you’ve studied any of the romance languages in school, for example, you know that the adjective doesn’t always come before the noun or that possessiveness in language is not always straight forward.  Nonetheless, I think it’s awesome that there is a word to capture it when it’s right.

Having sprachgefühl is a glorious thing, savor the moments friends and be well. 


A Thursday #Haiku – This Day in History

A Thursday #Haiku – This Day in History

In honor of The Great Moon Hoax of 1835, which entailed a series of six articles that were published by the New York Sun about fantastical creatures and civilizations having been discovered living on the moon, I give you today’s Haiku.  On wikipedia: According to legend, the New York Sun’s circulation increased dramatically because of the hoax and remained permanently greater than before, thereby establishing the New York Sun as a successful paper.


truth’s of little weight
when there’s a buck to be made
don’t you believe it

#5MinuteFiction – oh yeah!

After a long dry spell to enjoy the Summer-That-Took-Over-My-Life, I’m pleased to report that I’m back at #5MinuteFiction this week.  How fabulous this contest is!  Head on over to the blog for this week’s contest being hosted by Moses Siregar III and vote for your favorite piece!

While you are there, check out Moses’ book THE BLACK GOD’S WAR. He’s giving away a sneak at his first 5 chapters and the winner this week gets a free copy to boot!  #yeahbaby

This week’s prompt was this *awesome* sentence:

When the ten gods of the Kingdom of Rezzia went to war with the mystics of the lands of Pawelon, neither side could gain any advantage until…

I am not a finalist this time, but I am really happy with my entry this week:

When the ten gods of the Kingdom of Rezzia went to war with the mystics of the lands of Pawelon, neither side could gain any advantage until one of them controlled the Amulet of Gazzah.

Without the Amulet, neither side could harness the power of the moon and the tides required to flood the Valley of Satrina and force the battle into the mountains, and into the Lympian stronghold.

Neither side had given the Moutain People of Lympia any attention when they drew up their battle plans, and so neither the ten Rezzian Gods nor the Pawelon mystics took note or care when a small group of the diminutive Lympians climbed to the peak of Mount Mahay and began to chant the incantations.

The ground began to rumble. The leaves on the trees in the valley began to shiver and quake and the winds picked up and started blowing in a gale toward the Rezz Ocean. The foothills dotting the shore blocked the view for both armies, stationed as they were on either side of the Valley of Satrina.

But from their lofty perch, the Lympians could see the tsunami building. A mile out into the Rezz Ocean the wave began to build, pulling the sea backward into itself and revealing the beach that started to stretch out like an extremely low tide.

By the time they realized what was happening, the battle was already won. The Lympian King stood tall among his people as the water receded and the valley was cleared of both armies.

“No war shall be fought in my valley. The Amulet of Gazzah has seen to it yet again. Let man try to conquer this land to their peril!”


VOTE FOR YOUR FAVE!  Voting closes tomorrow and winner announced when Moses wakes up, lol.  Head on over to Moses’ blog and check it out.  Also, check out his awesome looking book!  You can sneak a peek at 5 chapters for free!  #WINWIN