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#atozchallenge – Z for Zymurgy

Hooray!  I made it!  Thank you for sticking with me on my A-to-Z Challenge adventure this month.  What fun it is to blog daily about strange and wonderful words! I have enjoyed meeting so

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#atozchallenge – Y for Yankees

*yawn* Holy cow the A-to-Z challenge is exhausting!  I know several bloggers who manage more than one blog and are doing the a-to-z on all of them… yoiks!  As a Bronx kid, it must come

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#atozchallenge – X for Xenium

TGIF!!  X is such a strange letter, and all the words that begin with x are sadly relegated to such specific places in discussion. While researching X words for you today, I discovered that most of

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#atozchallenge – W for Wordicuffs

Welcome to W day! It is also Thursday and you know what that means… HAIKU! There is a serious lack of fun and wacky words that start with W. And so, I was quite pleased when I discovered the one

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#atozchallenge – V for Velleity

Did anyone out there see the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper? I think often about that scene where he partakes of the miracle pill and sits down that night and finds the inspiration he’s been

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#atozchallenge – U for Uxorious

Hey there U, it’s U! How are U doing? Happy U day everyone, to celebrate, we’re going to talk about this little gem I found this morning:  Uxorious/ˌəkˈsôrēəs/Adjective: Having

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