Publishing, Blog Hops, and Book Tour

Interesting news from Amazon and Simon & Schuster that is making people wonder aloud what’s holding up the Hachette deal. David Gaughran’s blog here and Hugh Howey’s post here dig into some educated guesses about the terms of the S&S contract. It would be interesting to know if those terms mirror the offer currently available to self-published authors and what that means going forward.


Expatriates_CVR_xxSML_500xlowresTHE EXPATRIATES is now live and available on iTunes/iBooks.  *throws confetti*

I marvel at the process of getting a book added to all the various vendor sites. Not quite as simple as clicking a button! Also, B&N is trying to make me buckle. I’d heard about it, didn’t know how true it was, but allow me to add to the litany of disappointed laments from authors that B&N is seriously lacking in the customer service department on their nook press side. Carl, who apparently lives in the live chat box, is very nice, though. So there is that. That said, I shall be victorious and my book *will* be there, some day!


BOOK TOUR NEWS!  The week of November 17-23, I’ll be going on a book blog tour, organized by the amazing Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours, to spread the word about THE EXPATRIATES Book #1. Bloggers will be giving away copies of the eBook and I will be giving away a signed copy of the paperback over the course of the tour. Bloggers can sign up to take part here. Readers, stay tuned for details! I’m super excited as it will be a week of interviews, contests, guest blogs, and book love!



Then, in December, I’ve signed up for the Deja Vu blogfest, where we take a look at some posts from the past and share them again!



This one is for all bloggers, so sign up here to go back in time and relive the glory days from your favorite blog post!

Happy Tuesday, folks! What are you reading today?



The Expatriates, Book One

… I should say Release Week!  THE EXPATRIATES release happened over this past weekend while I was in NY on vacation. Not being at my desk for the release of my first book made for an interesting time. I wasn’t able to blast the interwebs other than facebook, and for the most part, was out and about too much to obsess and freak out over all of it.

All in all, I have to say that being away made for a rather pleasant experience. I will make a note of that for when my next book comes out. ;)

Buy it on – kindle  (also Amazon UK)

Buy it on Smashwords – for other devices

It was super exciting to see it hit #8 in the Children’s> Fantasy & Magic> Coming of Age category the night it went live. It was even more exciting to see posts from people saying they had bought and were reading it! I saw a photo of it on my friend’s kindle. Surreal. I can totally see how authors can get wrapped up in constantly checking rank numbers throughout the day!  I admit nothing.

Distribution is underway! The ebook is available on Amazon (kindle) and Smashwords (other formats) and soon will go live at Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and other amazing book selling and lending places.

The paperback is being proofed and will be available at Amazon and Createspace, and I will have signed copies available for sale here on my website.

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Indie Pub: The ISBN Question

One thing that’s had me puzzled as I move through the indie pub maze is whether or not an indie title needs an ISBN number from my own Bowkers account or if there is any potential harm to be incurred by using the $10 ISBN number you can get from Createspace. One thing I have realized: there is a TON of misinformation out there.

Buying your own ISBN from Bowkers, which costs $125 for one, or $295 for 10 (temp price $275), and using for your book at Createspace, gives you the option of having your book listed for sale as published by your own imprint. But what does that really mean in terms of discoverability? Do readers notice or even look for this? I don’t think so. I was a reader long before I became a writer, and I’ve never once looked for a book based on the ISBN or imprint, or even noticed the imprint (unless it had a neat logo!).

Since becoming a writer with a growing awareness of the publishing industry, I do scroll down to the “Product Details” section and look at that publishing information. Still, it doesn’t drive a purchasing decision—I do it out of plain old curiosity.

I was under the impression that I simply must use my own ISBN number in order to get my books into libraries and other mysterious avenues of distribution that become closed to me without it. But the truth is actually opposite. Using your own ISBN number when you publish through Amazon’s Createspace actually closes off distribution channels to you. You’re better off using the $10 ISBN option and have a number assigned to you from Createspace, in order to get that wider distribution.

I just loaded my print book files into Createspace and have ordered my proofs in the mail. Can’t wait to see them!! It was during this process that this question came up and prompted me to stop and do a little research. I think that if I were to get hardcovers printed through Ingram, an ISBN would be needed, but not sure if that’s something you can purchase through them as well.  There is so much to learn, but for now I remain super stoked that even now, there are no barriers to getting my book out to readers.

I’m in NY this week, enjoying the humidity and the sights. Living in Colorado, my memory of the weather back here had lapsed.

Big hair in the city.


THE EXPATRIATES Print Cover is Here!

One of the coolest parts of publishing independently is the opportunity to choose the team of people who will work on all the book’s details. And, of course, the cover has been such an exciting thing to watch come together. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you got to see this before it went live, and you also know that there will be subscriber-only giveaways in the near future!  (hint hint!) The response has been super exciting! So, without any more delay, it’s my pleasure to share the final version of the print cover with you.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, my cover was created by Steven Novak at Novak Illustration. He is a breeze to work with, and really does fabulous work. I think he is the perfect match for The Expatriates series.

Let me know what you think!


the expatriates full cover


The Expatriates - back cover



Pre Book Release Thoughts

It’s a funny thing to be in this window of time right before my first book is released. My wonderful formatter is working on the final interior. My amazing cover designer is doing the final magic with the print version. And I am sitting here with my mug of tea in hand, wondering what I am supposed to be doing today book#1-wise.

The ebook will come out first. I’m hoping by the 15th, but I am told there are vagaries associated with launching a debut and I can’t control the exact moment when the book goes live on the various retail sites. I’m okay with that, oddly, having relinquished my vice grip on this whole process. I realize I made that sound like a peaceful thing—that relinquishing—but anyone who knows me will understand there was much flailing, talking to myself, and some hyperventilating involved.

By the end of the month, the paperback will be ready to go. After that, in November, I’ve got a blog tour scheduled where I’ll be doing a lot of promotion. But between now and then, I feel like I’m in this strange limbo where I’m not allowed to touch my book. And that thought, when it comes, is all-consuming.

No more editing. No more proofreading. No more typo seeking. No more tweaking that one. last. thing.

There’s something freeing and absolutely frightening about the permanence of this.  I don’t mean to say that errors in the text can’t be remedied. They can. I’m talking about the fact that once the book is out there … its out there. And out there is wide open and so … out there! There is no turning back.

I suppose the best thing to do is get cracking on book #2. I have so much planned for the second book!

For today, though, I think I’ll enjoy the relative quiet.