HALF MOON GIRLS: My Lei Crime Novella #LeiCrimeKW

It’s been a crazy couple of months around Writing HQ, with me hunkered down, plotting and writing my fingers to the bone for the launch of Toby Neal’s new Lei Crime Series Kindle World.

I wanted to take a quick break today to share the cover for my new novella, HALF MOON GIRLS.



Isn’t it gorgeous!? I can say that because I didn’t create it.  ;)

The Lei Crime Series launch is set for Tuesday, April 7. On that day, my novella will be available along with several other stories by some rather fabulous authors, all set in the world of Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Series

HALF MOON GIRLS is a kidnapping and murder mystery that takes place on Kaua`i. Coming April 7!

Check us out on twitter (#LeiCrimeKW) to keep track of mine and the other stories set for the launch. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and there is more to come!


Publishing in the new LEI CRIME world with @tobywneal and @kindleworlds

Kindle Worlds is a publishing platform under the Amazon umbrella where writers can create and publish stories within an already established world. There are already many popular “worlds” in place based off successful books, movies, and TV shows! It’s an exciting program where tie-ins and fan fiction are licensed and thus, protected.


New KINDLE WORLD – Lei Crime Series – COMING APRIL 7!


Recently, my author friend and creator of the incredibly successful Lei Crime Series, Toby Neal, invited me to help launch her Lei Crime Kindle World! This is a huge honor for me as I’ve been a fan of Toby’s work since the first Lei story, BLOOD ORCHIDS released several years ago.

Toby is one of a handful of authors to have a Kindle World developed from her series. She’s in some impressive company in the Kindle Worlds Family with other amazing authors whose names you may have heard before: Barry Eisler (John Rain), Hugh Howey (Silo Saga, Sand), Bella Andre (Game for Love), JA Konrath (Jack Daniels and Associates)… to name a few.

It’s been my honor to feature Toby on this blog a few times. She talked about Living in Hawaii  and launching her fabulous Author Platform How-To book. Most recently, I shared a review of Toby’s YA adventure ISLAND FIRE.

Needless to say, I’m a fan!

All of Toby’s books take place in Hawaii and reading any of them takes you instantly inside. You’re immersed in the lush physical world as well as the complex cultural aspects of life on the islands while solving crime and cheering for Detective Leilani Texeira (Lei) a woman with a passion for crime fighting who carries baggage from a past that just won’t stop haunting her.

I’m proud and super excited to be a part of launching Toby’s LEI CRIME WORLD! I’ll be sharing a novella of my own and opening the world for other authors to jump in and play. I’ve long itched to write crime… and can’t wait to share my story! I’m honored to be in the company of some fabulous authors who I admire greatly. I’ll be releasing my novella April 7th to kick off the Lei Crime Kindle World!

To learn more, check out Toby’s post: Lei Crime Kindle World coming soon! She shares the names of other authors, and a peek at some of the stories that will be part of the launch!

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