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It’s paperback day!

The paperbacks of GHOSTS OF WITCHES PAST are here, and they are gorgeous! To celebrate the paperback release, I’m giving away signed paperback copies and some ebooks! Enter to win!




What readers are saying:

“…unique and totally absorbing”

“…one of the best ghost stories I have read in a long time!”

“…compelling story of youth betrayed, magic and redemption.”

“[O’Flynn] casts an enchanting spell on her words that magically transports you into her magical world.”

“A fabulous witch-coming-of-age book of strength and fortitude in the face of uncertainty and adversity at every turn.”

“This story grabbed me immediately with opening action, and held me tight to the end.”

WINNER: 2nd Place, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Fiction Contest 2015


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About the book:

A mother’s love.
A dying wish.
Secrets from the grave.
The past never forgets…

Seventeen-year-old Wavy McClintock is a witch with the rare ability to see ghosts. Traumatic events with “city ghosts” when she was a child have forced Wavy into a life of seclusion. She never leaves the safety of Tower Hill, where the local ghosts are easy to spot and avoid.

Niall Tobin is a witch from an outcast family. At seventeen, he is unable to stop his parents when they strip him of his magical soul in a plot to clear their family name. When Niall escapes, he seeks out the only living witness to the murder that ruined his family. His search brings him to Tower Hill.

When a ghost appears to Wavy, revealing a mysterious symbol that sends her on a hunt for answers, she discovers Niall injured in the woods. Convinced that he will die if left alone, Wavy defies her family and agrees to help Niall.

But helping Niall means leaving the safety of her home and facing the ghosts who want nothing more than to tear her apart. As Wavy and Niall work together to learn the truth about the murder, they discover connections that haunt both their families and uncover long-buried secrets that will change their lives forever.

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YA Scavenger Hunt 2017 – #YASH Coming Soon!!

Yo! Make way for some new reads!!!



The Spring YA Scavenger Hunt goes live on Tuesday, April 4th at 12 pm Pacific Time and comes down on Sunday, April 9th at noon Pacific time. For all of you who love finding new reads, I have just the thing for you: The YA Scavenger Hunt is coming.

If you’ve never heard of it, the hunt runs twice a year in the spring and in the fall. During the hunt we showcase new and upcoming YA releases, give out tons of prizes, and release special bonus material. Sound interesting?

What is YASH?

This spring I am one of one hundred authors split into five teams of twenty. Each team is assigned a color. I am on the GOLD TEAM! The blog hop begins April 4th and runs through Sunday, April 9th. It’s easy to play. All you have to do is either start on my blog or head directly over to the YASH website. There you’ll find a list of all the authors participating as well as an answer sheet you can print off to gather the info you’re hunting for and to keep track of any bonus contests you may have entered.

  1. There are 5 teams
  2. Each team member is hosting a secret bit of info that you need to find
  3. Visit each blog, collect the secret info and enter contests and see exclusive content available ONLY through the hop!
  4. When you’re through all authors on one team, jump over to the next!

If this is just a tad confusing, there is a complete set of directions and an example of how-to, here.

Exclusive Content!

I’ll be featured over on SELENE CASTROVILLA‘s blog where you can read a deleted scene from my latest release GHOSTS OF WITCHES PAST! Come back here on April 4 and meet the author I am hosting, check out their exclusive content, and enter to win brand-spanking-new paperbacks of GHOSTS OF WITCHES PAST!



(Psst! Kristi Helvig, one of my partners in Wicked Ink Books is on the RED TEAM where she’s giving away OFF BEAT!)


The Teams!

Are you ready to see all the books featured this season? Here they are!

Gold Team Spring 2017lowres

Purple Team 2017lowres

Red Team spring 2017lowres

YASH Blue Spring 2017lowres

YASH PINK TEAM Spring 2017lowres

Cover Reveal: OFF BEAT: Nine Spins on Song #anthology #ku

It’s here!

Along with my partners in Wicked Ink Books, I am super proud to present our newest anthology, OFF BEAT: Nine Spins on Song. Last year, we released our first book, TICK TOCK: Seven Tales of Time, which contained seven stories, all with an element of time woven into the stories.


For 2017, the theme is stories inspired by song. Inside you’ll find short stories from the original Wicked Ink Authors, (Corinne O’Flynn, Kristi Helvig, Rebecca Taylor, Sue Duff, Shawn McGuire, Wendy Terrien, and A.G. Henley) plus two additional stories picked from a series of submissions by R.B. Wood and Calypso Kane.

Of course, we’re super proud of this book and very excited to share it with you!

OFF BEAT: Available for Preorder!

Presenting: OFF BEAT: Nine Spins on Song



About OFF BEAT: Nine Spins on Song

Inspired by favorite songs, nine fantasy and science fiction authors spin tales of adventure, intrigue, mystery, and horror.

  • A boy follows his girlfriend’s suicide note to its disturbing conclusion.
  • A man must pass on an ancient curse of immortality before his time finally runs out.
  • Two lost beings fight for life, for each other, and to find a way home.
  • A serial killer from the future, banished to present day, must control her homicidal urges in order to survive.
  • A thief and a sex worker find their paths unexpectedly entwined in ways that threaten both of their lives.
  • For a caged girl, one hand gives, but the other takes away all she’s ever known.
  • To gain their freedom, quarreling townsfolk must find a way to cross a bottomless ravine.
  • A man interrupts a monster at work and is determined to entertain the creature long enough to stay alive.
  • When his father’s ghost appears, a businessman is forced to reflect on his life.

OFF BEAT: Available for Preorder!