Monday Blog Game: Show Me Your Desk!

According to my friend Susan Spann, January 12 is official “Clean Off Your Desk Day.” And since that task is impossible for many writers (present company included), the Monday Blog Game* version of the observance is SHOW ME YOUR DESK–or tell me about it, if photos aren’t an option.

My office is organized into sections for my nonprofit work and my writing, and I am always looking for ways to make sure there is ample room for both. My current plan involves the scheduling of the different hats as far as the desk goes, so we don’t cross the streams. This allows for whichever project/work/task to take over the space, and then be put away when the other is on the schedule. It also does wonders to keep me focused when I am working on a deadline. So far so good.


Today, I am plotting with a wee bit of writing.  I have my little board for post-it notes, my calendar of achievement (ala Victoria Schwab). The window faces west and I get to look over the little greenbelt we have at whatever weather is rolling in off the mountains. The newest addition to my space sits under the lamp: a bristle and canvas squirrel named Wicker who reminds me to get my stuff done. Between the windows is my inspiration wall/vision board, with snippets of things, photos, and a little tree with paper leaves on which I have written my goals and five-year-ish bucket list.

I love my office. It’s like my woman-cave in which all my shrapnel is stored. It’s also the warmest room in the house. *yay*

The working part of my desk is home to my PC, my ipad mini with Evernote front and center, and the creative man himself, Mr. Whedon, reminding me to shut up and get to work.



As for company, Maisy here usually sits on the chair on the other side of my desk so she can keep an eye on me. But she had a checkup this morning and was traumatized at the violation she endured and has been out of sorts since.



My other companion while the kids are in school, Clancey, is also not pleased with his visit to the vet. You can look at his soulful eyes and his stuffed animal face and almost hear him ask, “But why?”




YOUR TURN! Show me–or tell me–about your desk!

*The Monday Blog Game started as a helping prompt for friends (and strangers–who really are just friends we haven’t met!) who needed assistance coming up with blogging ideas. If you’re seeing this, tag…you’re invited to play along. You can either post your answer on your own blog, or simply answer in the comments here. And please feel free to come back and put a link to your own post in the comments if you’d like!

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