Interesting news from Amazon and Simon & Schuster that is making people wonder aloud what’s holding up the Hachette deal. David Gaughran’s blog here and Hugh Howey’s post here dig into some educated guesses about the terms of the S&S contract. It would be interesting to know if those terms mirror the offer currently available to self-published authors and what that means going forward.


Expatriates_CVR_xxSML_500xlowresTHE EXPATRIATES is now live and available on iTunes/iBooks.  *throws confetti*

I marvel at the process of getting a book added to all the various vendor sites. Not quite as simple as clicking a button! Also, B&N is trying to make me buckle. I’d heard about it, didn’t know how true it was, but allow me to add to the litany of disappointed laments from authors that B&N is seriously lacking in the customer service department on their nook press side. Carl, who apparently lives in the live chat box, is very nice, though. So there is that. That said, I shall be victorious and my book *will* be there, some day!


BOOK TOUR NEWS!  The week of November 17-23, I’ll be going on a book blog tour, organized by the amazing Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours, to spread the word about THE EXPATRIATES Book #1. Bloggers will be giving away copies of the eBook and I will be giving away a signed copy of the paperback over the course of the tour. Bloggers can sign up to take part here. Readers, stay tuned for details! I’m super excited as it will be a week of interviews, contests, guest blogs, and book love!



Then, in December, I’ve signed up for the Deja Vu blogfest, where we take a look at some posts from the past and share them again!



This one is for all bloggers, so sign up here to go back in time and relive the glory days from your favorite blog post!

Happy Tuesday, folks! What are you reading today?


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