A Pirate and a Curse from the Sea Witch

Undead Men Tell No Tales:

Even the craftiest pirate can’t outrun the curse of the sea witch.

Known on the high seas as the Fog Queen, Morianna Swift never imagined her life as a pirate. But after her brother’s death, she has no choice; she’ll be damned if she’ll stand by and watch as the family fortune is taken by the murderous thieves at the East India Company. While fleeing her previous life as a high-born lady, Morianna is cursed with a powerful hex that imprisons her forever upon the waves.

Unable to master the magic to free herself, Morianna seeks the one being powerful enough to remedy her curse. Everyone knows that a deal with the sea witch seals your fate as sure as succumbing to the siren’s song, but Morianna rolls the bones anyway and puts her fate in the hands of the sorceress. Locked in an unbreakable promise that threatens not only her soul, but the souls of those she loves, Morianna refuses to accept that there’s no way out. 

All of this while the East India Company continues their quest to dominate the ports, the city, and the sea—at all costs. Caught in the current of two opposing forces, Morianna finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom that threatens to destroy everything she’s fought so hard to protect.

She’s never relied on fair winds or following seas; the Fog Queen makes her own luck.

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Gods of Thunder MC!

NOT His Biker Goddess

She may be the goddess of war, but can she handle a fight for her heart?Athena, Goddess of War, has never been in love, and that’s just fine with her. The logic is clear: love equals drama. She’s perfectly content with her life in the Gods of Thunder Motorcycle Club, just ask her… but then what is this itch she’s feeling? Why can’t she sleep? What is making her so stir-crazy? Athena revs up her Indian Chief and rolls out of town, hoping to calm the fires within.

But driving a vintage bike isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When her Chief breaks down in the smallest of small towns, Athena discovers there are some things even a goddess can’t find. Vintage part? Get in line. At least the mechanic knows what he’s doing. And that’s the trouble, because now she’s calm and cool. Now she’s sleeping like the dead, if the dead slept with gigantic smiles on their faces.

Malcolm Sova is back after too many tours in Afghanistan. He’s hung up his special forces patch and returned to his first love: anything on two wheels. Nothing makes more sense than fixing and riding motorcycles. But when the raven-haired goddess rolls into town on the sweetest Chief he’s ever seen, he’s faced with a challenge that feels more like a battlefield from his past. 

Can two hardened warriors drop their shields long enough to see they’re fighting for the same thing?

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Gods of Thunder MC

The world is a dreadful place. No one believes in any deities anymore unless it’s the ‘big G’ up there in heaven. Who cares that we came first, hey?Who cares that we’ve done WAY more for people than Him. Fine, if you don’t want us, we don’t want you. Mount Olympus is officially closed. The ambrosia fields have been razed. It’s all gone. Kaputz. We’re retiring. And you’re all to blame.We’ve decided to use our retirement gold to buy ourselves bikes and create our own motorcycle club. Finally, it’s about us. No longer about you people and your problems. Finally!

The Deepest Mysteries Lie Within…

Introducing WITCH ISLAND MYSTERIES, a new series featuring Corey Proctor, a witch cop struggling with her power as she solves cases in Witch Island’s homicide department.

When Detective Corey Proctor became a cop, she put her ridiculous family history well behind her. Being the only female descendant of the Proctors and Coreys of Salem Witch Trials fame made her a target at an early age. But there’s no magic here, thank you very much… her kidnappers saw to that.

As she begins investigating a murder on New England’s Nahant Island, Corey’s troubled past comes roaring back like the turbulent waves that carried the victim’s body to the shore. Dark memories stirred up by the victim’s likeness threaten Corey’s ability to remain focused on the job. When a friend calls, worried that her daughter is missing, it’s one more thing to add to the ever-growing list.

Corey’s always managed to keep her past where it belongs… in the past. But as her investigation progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that all she’s worked so hard to contain is threatening to reveal itself, ready or not.

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Give in… It’s only forever


Twelve worlds. Twelve women. One fate they can’t escape. From bestselling authors of fantasy and paranormal romance comes a breathtaking set of all new stories, available for a limited time only. Whether kick ass, shy, or vulnerable, the women in Tempted by Fae get more than they bargain for when mysterious and sexy immortals cross their paths. Give in. It’s only forever.

The ebook is no longer available.

LIMITED EDITION PAPERBACK available by special order. Please contact me for details!

Something Cursed This Way Comes…

Don’t miss Season Three from The Midnight Coven! 13 novellas in a shared world, all with a happily witchy after!

When Ivy Winter meets Anton Stavros, “star-crossed lovers” seems like child’s play.I used to be fine with the idea of an arranged marriage. As a “Winter Witch”, it’s important to marry well and preserve the family’s magical line. But that all goes out the window when my cat, Mr. Burroughs, decides a random dude in the park is the catnip he’s always dreamed of. Anton Stavros is the only person Mr. Burroughs has ever liked besides me, and seeing them together ignites unexpected fire inside my body. He’s tall, dark, wickedly handsome, and absolutely off-limits to someone like me.So why do I keep saying yes to him?After dodging my would-be suitor, it feels like a sign when Anton is waiting for me at my door. The ‘yes’ comes easy and I find myself falling into his dreamy eyes and muscled arms. But morning brings reality like a wrecking ball, decimating any fantasy I had of me and Anton. Between my family and my legacy, there’s no hope for us.When a dark curse makes me realize what I want is more important than what’s expected, I have to make a choice. Do I defy my family for a man I barely know? Or do I follow the path laid out for me from birth? Is it already too late?

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The Vampire Mates are Here…

Don’t miss Season Two from The Midnight Coven! 13 novellas in a shared world, all with a happily vampire after!

HarryNo one ever said true love was convenient. The destruction of my coven and the bloodbath of vengeance that followed put me on the radar of every vampire hunter in Europe. Now I find myself in Las Vegas, Nevada where vampires roam among humans and the dark side never sleeps.I feel her before I see her—Penelope is my mate, the one who makes my heart beat after centuries of stillness. But taking her means making even more enemies… just as the hunters are closing in. On the run is no place to fall in love, but tell that to my beating heart.

The Midnight Coven presents: Vampire MatesAre you willing to taste immortality? Come with us and let our vampires glamour you into a world full of dangerous magic, toe-curling heat, and a love to last forever.The Vampire Mates series by the Midnight Coven contains thirteen tales penned by your favorite best-selling paranormal romance authors.Each novella can be read as a complete standalone, but of course, we hope you’ll bite into them all.With our Vampire Mates at your side, immortality is sexy AF.

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Here Come the Brides…

Love never dies. But it can be damn bloody…MilesIf there’s one thing I’ve learned after more than five hundred years on this earth, it’s that history always repeats itself, and usually in the worst way possible. So when Delilah checks in to my hotel, all the signs are there—she’s stunningly beautiful, achingly irresistible, and as history has taught me, one-hundred percent dangerous. The last time I took a chance like this, it broke my heart and almost cost me my immortal life. I’ve managed to survive all these years by heeding the warnings my instincts raise. Ignoring them now feels foolish and short-sighted, but I can’t stay away; she’s everything my soul wants, history be damned. Delilah
With my mother’s ashes riding shotgun, and my loser ex-boyfriend passed out in our trailer in my rear view mirror, I am finally free. I’ve had enough of being told what to do and how to live. It’s time for me to take charge of my destiny on my terms and see what fate sends my way. When I stop in Lake Tahoe and Miles crosses in my path, it feels like fate is testing me to see if I will throw myself into the the arms of the first guy I meet—just like I always do. He’s beautiful, kind, and completely enamored—all the things I have never known a man could be. But how can I ever make a new future if I keep reliving my past?The Midnight Coven presents: Vampire BridesFrom eleven bestselling paranormal romance authors comes an all new series of standalone novellas set in a shared world. Grab your kindles and get ready to meet your new favorite vampires.

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Fall Into the World of the Aumahnee

A witch on a mission.A Fae warrior on the hunt.Can they become the team they need to be to survive?

Searching for her sister, who ran off with the wrong sort of bad-news guy, Marigold finds herself in a bar on the worst side of town. She wonders again why she’s putting so much effort into finding her sister when nothing–even returning their golden child–is going to endear Marigold to her estranged family.

Tracking down a missing soldier after finding one of his men dead, Eamonn is also led to the same seedy bar. When his inquiries raise the attention of a gang of thugs, Eamonn finds himself fighting for his life in the dark alley behind the bar.

When Marigold stumbles on the scene in the alley, Eamonn is suddenly fighting for two lives instead of one. But what happens next surprises them both and sends them on a journey where they are forced to work together or die.

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The Witches of Tower Hill Series

A mother’s love.A dying wish.Secrets from the grave.The past never forgets…

Forced into seclusion after a traumatic event with “city ghosts” as a child, Wavy never leaves the safety of her riverside village, where the local ghosts are easy to spot and avoid. 

Running for his life from the people who were supposed to protect him, Niall seeks out the only living witness to the murder that ruined his outcast family.

When an accidental meeting brings the two witches together, clues to a new mystery begin to unfold. Unraveling the threads of long-buried secrets brings connections to light that will haunt both their families forever.Available Exclusively on Amazon!