What if well-being was the goal?

I'm Corinne. I'm a Human Design Coach helping entrepreneurs like you unlock your purpose, understand your unique design, and explore the potentials that exist inside you, just waiting to be expressed. Experience the calm and confidence of an aligned life, every single day.

Human Design is called The Science of Differentiation because it's here to show us our uniqueness. We aren't meant to be like everyone else, yet we're told conforming is the true path to success. If you're looking for another way, then you're in the right place! 

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What would the world look like if we made well-being the goal? 

You deserve to live a life of joy and fulfillment that is not only sustainable, but also aligns with your authentic self. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential using the insights provided by Quantum Human Design™.

I believe we need to change the way we talk about work, stop chasing the figment of "work/life balance," and instead embrace the vision of an easeful, integrated work & life. As entrepreneurs, a focus on healing in specific core areas helps us on that path. 

These core areas, called Resiliency Keys in Quantum Human Design™, offer a roadmap to unlocking your true potential so you can live your highest expression of who you came here to be. They are: Lovability, Empowerment, Courage, Decisiveness, Emotional Wisdom, Self-Trust, Vitality, Authenticity, and Self-Worth.

We all struggle with each of these to varying degrees, and at varying times, because we are human! There is a way to be intentional and strategic as we decondition, craft a different story, and develop ourselves in these key areas.

If you're interested in learning how, I invite you to join me!

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Corinne is a delight to work with...

Corinne designed an amazing website for me several years back. It was perfection. She also guided me on how to use it and kept up on all the renewals. Her knowledge of all media is amazing, and I would trust her with any coaching. She is intelligent and discerning. Moreover, she is a delight to work with on any project. I highly recommend her.

Janet Simcic Italian Travel & Tour Planner, Author

All the stars!! Can't recommend more highly!

Corinne was a HUGE help in getting my business not only organized, but helping me set achievable goals for the year. Her course was simple and her coaching provided easy tips and tricks that allowed me to see the path forward in organizing my digital overflow. A process that I’m still sticking to today! Her advice truly transformed my business, providing me more time to develop new patterns and increase sales, without feeling overwhelmed!


Corinne's tools make my stress levels decrease...

I am a small business owner, running several different businesses. Using Corinne’s tools – the morning routine, digital clutter, and time management – I keep my businesses running smoothly. As a mom, and a person who also does volunteer work, there are a lot of moving pieces in my daily life. Corinne's tools make my stress levels decrease and allow for me to have more free time and flexibility in the non-business parts of my life. I highly recommend Corinne’s courses to help you find the same!


Corinne's programs are a breath of fresh air.

They say time is money. I’ve gained at least five hours of productivity per week using what I learned in only one module of the Corinne's Digital Organization course. As an author, keeping track of my digital assets is crucial, and I’m thrilled to have Corinne's courses in my toolbox.


I’d be lost without Corinne's program.

I am an entrepreneur running two businesses and without the support of Corinne’s time management program I’d be lost. I’ve always told myself that I’m not an organized person and that I could live within my controlled chaos. But I also have a seven-year-old daughter and things quickly began to slip through the cracks. I had to find a way to get everything done. Chaos wouldn’t move me towards my goals.

When I implemented Corinne’s protocols, I finally had time to spend with my daughter in the evenings and was no longer frazzled and stressed out. I recommend this program to everyone who wants more time in their days to do what’s important while also doing all their tasks for their businesses!

Dominika Best Author & Podcaster, The Best Storytelling Network

About Corinne

Corinne O'Flynn is a certified life coach, Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, certified EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner, USA Today Bestselling Author, non-profit Executive Director with Rowan Tree Foundation, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur with over twenty years' experience being self-employed.

She is also a wife, a mom of four, podcaster, avid reader, board gamer, theater nerd, hydroponic vegetable garden enthusiast (pandemic hobbies anyone?), a sometimes knitter, scone baker, and the alpha to a small herd of very demanding blue heeler rescue dogs.

Corinne is passionate about helping bring entrepreneurs into a new phase of business where we stop chasing the impossible work/life balance and instead embrace an integrated work & life.

"We are whole people living whole lives and running whole businesses... we are worthy of a life that brings us joy and fulfillment." - Corinne

She's all about simplifying everything you need to run an aligned business that gives you energy, lights you up, and helps you get it all done without overwhelm.

Corinne believes we need to change the way we talk about work and life, productivity and success, and she'd love for you to join the movement!

Corinne's certifications & credentials


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