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Welcome - Corinne O'Flynn
February 28, 2013

Hey there!

You like my new author site? Thought it was time I whipped up a proper website since that’s what all the kids are doing these days.  My book … omg she is done. Again. I know, I know, try to contain your disbelief.

It’s true what they say about putting your work up on the high shelf and letting her gather a nice thin layer of dust. I’ve been at it for a good long time; the writing of this particular novel. The beta readers, the brainstormers, the workshoppers, and the critique partners and I… we’ve enjoyed the labors of several long redrafts and lots (and lots) of editing.

But the good news is THE EXPATRIATES is complete and I’ve got her all dressed up in her Sunday best in preparation for the wilds of publishing.

The Blog Button

I’m gathering up some goodies to share to get you all tingly with excitement about the book. Pictures mostly, maybe a vlog if I can work up the courage (don’t hold your breath). The book has boys! And a girl! And secrets! And lies! And a falcon! And a tiger! And fighting… there is a lot of fighting.

I’m not sure yet what’s going to happen with the blogger blog. I keep reading the how-to-migrate-your-blog tutorials and undertaking that just overwhelms me at the moment. So, for now, my blog remains in place and I’ll keep on posting over there until I find inspiration and a bunch of time to bring it into the fold.Work has already commenced on a totally unrelated new book.  Something completely different with a female protagonist and witches.

Thank you for stopping by. I found the cutest little social media buttons up there on the right.

Click them and come find me online.

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