This is a list of supplies that were used during the 2019 Denver Pop Culture Con Exhibitor Bootcamp by Corinne O'Flynn and Lisa Manifold. Prices accurate as of 2/22/2019. Always compare prices and seek out coupons and deals. Happy shopping!

Printed Items:

FedEx Kinkos:

Small Table Top Banners - $17.99

6' Retractable Banners - $189.99*

Got Print**:

4x6 Postcards (pricing varies)
QTY 1000 - $52.80
QTY 100 - $13.20

Vista Print:

500 Business Cards - $9.99*

*I recommend GotPrint for all paper printing items based on quality and customer service as well as volume pricing. However, we found that Vista Print offers the cheapest price for smaller quantities.


Walmart: Stretchy Velvet Fabric - $7.87 / yard (1 cut of of 3 yards will drape over tables)

Square Reader - FREE

Other items from home:

  • Bed Sheets 1 per table (Q size)
  • Basket/bowl for swag
  • Other decor (keep it simple)

** Order the "Sample Kit" from GotPrint and they will send you a package with paper and printing samples that help you see and feel exactly what you're buying.

Having used retractable banners from several vendors, I recommend FedExKinkos. It is worth the higher price, IMO. -Corinne :)