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26 Words Every Writer Needs #atozchallenge - Corinne O'Flynn

Welcome to the 2014 A-to-Z Challenge! 

For the previous three years, I’ve used this challenge as a way to explore weird and obscure words and had huge fun doing so. But in scoping out the remaining vocabularic landscape, I got to thinking that it might be time for a change. I still want to share how much I *adore* words, only this time I’d like to frame them through the eye of a writer. And so, this year I’ve decided to share 26 words that every writer needs. From A to Z, of course!

from my desk chair

1. constant or close application or effort; diligence; industry
2. devoted or solicitous attentions

Writers write. There’s no other way to be a writer. It’s actually the *only* requirement. Even if you’re writing simply for your own pleasure with no aspirations of publication, you still need to write. And if you plan to improve and hone your craft, you need to do it a lot.

Gather a group of writers together and someone will ask about another’s process. How much time do you spend writing each day? Do you write daily? Do you write early? Do you write late? Do you take breaks? How fast do you write? Just how assiduous are you? It’s a curious thing how we all want to know just exactly how everyone else is doing it, as if by writing in the way that suits us best we’re somehow doing it wrong.

Take heart, my writerly friends… if you’re putting words down, you’re writing right.

Bonus “A” words a writer needs: Armor. Assglue.

Are you here from the AtoZ Challenge? Welcome! Link me to your blog in the comments so I can repay the visit. Here we go!!!

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    1. Hi Steven. Assglue is def the most fun. Well, as a word… not as a thing, I imagine. ;) Wow that you’re blogging twice for the month. I find that one blog is almosts too much to handle. Good luck–I will visit both!

    1. Hi Michelle, I made a list of things I have found that I need as a writer and broke out the thesaurus. I still have some empty letters, but I am sure something will come to me. I hope!

  1. I loved that last one for sure, assglue! It’s so true, or in my case, feetglue. I’ve recently started writing standing at my desk and found it much easier on my body than sitting was… I’m slowly getting around to as many of these amazing blogs as I can on #atozchallenge2014. I follow you. I’m at http//:www.celticadlx.blogspot.com

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