26 Words Every Writer Needs: B #atozchallenge

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog for day two of this shindig.

Based on the comments, seems I chose the wrong lead yesterday with Assiduity. Assglue clearly won reader’s choice and would have been the front-runner if only I had more to today’s word, definition #2.

1. Anatomy: The spinal column
2. Courage
3. Bookbinding: the back or bound edge of a book

4. and 5. are Nautical references, which reminds me to give a shout out to CANOE, the Committee to Attribute a Nautical Origin to Everything.

Source: Amazon

As I spend more time developing my craft, I have found the act of writing to be an increasingly personal endeavor. The more I write, the more my subconscious unloads, letting what’s really spinning inside my head out and into the world. Have you observed this in your own writing? #pleasesayyes

This is not to say that as a fantasy writer I live in a false reality. Of course, it’s deeper than that, more thematic in nature. But there’s no denying it’s there. And this makes it that much harder to put the work out into the world. Scary stuff, for some. (read: me)

And… if you’re pursuing publication, you also have visions of your book with some backbone as well! Today’s word is a double whammy!

Have you found any ways to combat the scary side of sharing your work? Come, open up and reveal your wisdom in the comments. Vicarious backbone can be useful too.

Bonus B words: Balls, Bravura, Books (other than your own)

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