26 Words Every Writer Needs: C #atozchallenge

Howdy blog friends!  How is the A-to-Z treating you? I’ve already found some fun new bloggers to follow and learned some interesting things. I love being able to do that from the comfort of my desk!

Which brings me to today’s word for writers.

1. a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality and often have a common culture, heritage, and share government.
2. a locality inhabited by such a group.

Sing it Babs!

Writing is a lonely business, people. It’s just you and the computer, or your notebook and quill, or whatever utensils you deem worthy. But thankfully, there is a huge and vibrant writing community just waiting to be tapped into online and in many cases, locally.

Back in the day, I was shocked to find how active the writing world is on social media. Speaking of which, I’d love to connect on twitter… @CorinneOFlynn  But I ask you… what would your writing day look like if you did not have your writing community? Of course this isn’t just a benefit for writers… social media has exploded for a reason. We need to know we are not alone out there. We need someone else who understands the frustrations of failure in something so personal, the insecurities, the fears. We need someone who celebrates the wins and the breakthroughs and the triumphs when they come.

I’m fresh off a local writer’s conference, Northern Colorado Writers, which was wonderful! Writing conferences and workshops are among my favorite parts of the writing life. I get to recharge and reconnect with people I  know, and meet new friends who soon feel like old chums. Being able to meet other people who are pursuing this dream along with me and who truly understand how crazy this experience is and who speak my language. My tribe. My community. I need that.

How do you tap into your writing community?

Bonus: C words that writers need: Chutzpa. Cajones. Candy. Caffeine.

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