26 Words Every Writer Needs: D #atozchallenge


Today is day four of the A-to-Z and for this we spin the decoder and find ourselves on the letter D. I find it interesting that today at my house was spent reading, playing Pandemic 2.5 and 2048 head-to-head with one of my sons, napping, and working on a crochet blanket I’ve been meaning to finish. I did not spend even a moment working on my book.  *gasp*
What? How…? OMG does this mean…. 
Nah. Today was a scheduled vacay from the workish things. Which, I find, is sometimes needed in order to maintain your…
24. an inner urge that stimulates activity or inhibition; a basic need
28. energy and initiative
A little gosling for you… a guy with drive who could drive! I liked!
Definitions 1-23, 25-27, 29-39 unrelated to today’s discussion. 
Yesterday, we talked about how lonely writing can be. And some of you added some *very* important bonus words that were left off the list. Thank you!  
Writing can also be exhausting, trying, and, say it with me… s..l..o..w..  Someone once said that writing is revision. Editing is as important to writing as the actual writing, unless you’re that one human who has been blessed with lovely and articulate first drafts loaded with perfect prose and concise ideas. (riiiiiiight)
So, what is one to do when one find oneself reading and working through the same pages for the umpteenth time wishing your eyes would fall out of your head so you wouldn’t have to do it anymore? Tap into your drive. 
You can do it! You must! You totally got this! The world is waiting for your story. 
Got drive?
How do you maintain it your drive? For me, I find that days off here and there are valuable for the recharging of the intellectual batteries, and reading. Always reading. Wishing I was a speed reader. 
Bonus D words that every writer needs: Direction, Determination, Darlings (to kill), Draughts, and Dog-eared copies of your favorite books. 

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