26 Words Every Writer Needs: E #atozchallenge

Dear friends,

I find it is of utmost priority when interacting with your fellow writerly folks, nay!–the world, that you must comport yourself with the best of manners. While this might feel silly and overly “pc” as they say these days, it is still to your benefit to act in a way that shows you are aware of other people and proper writerly…

1. conventional requirements as to social behavior.

source: http://dailyinfographic.com

We’ve already established that writing is a lonely business requiring Assiduity, Backbone, Community, and Drive. But, when you find yourself locked in your writing cave for weeks at a time with only the time stamp on your tweets to tell you if the sun is out or not, it can be easy to forget how to talk to people and connect with your writing community.

There are so many “what-not-to-do” blog posts out there, so I won’t waste your precious reading time going over the rules… but suffice it to say that there are some people in the world who are oblivious, even to the most egregious errors.

People want to engage, so engage. Be nice. Share. Be generous. Don’t overdo it. Don’t be “on send” all the time where you forget to listen. Meet the members of your community and most of all… just like momma said, be yourself.

Lest you be accused of a different alphabet of distasteful items like: Asshattery, Boorishness, Churlishness, Dirty Dealing, or worse yet, Egomania. *gasp*

And so, in closing, lettuce remember our lesson from Dickens and practice some common sense as we strive to be model citizens on the interweb and beyond. Moderation in all things… unlike our Mr. Turvydrop here.

What’s your internet etiquette peeve?  I find relentless self-promotion to be up there on the list. And I was once at a writers conference chatting with an agent when this writer guy in a mini-sombrero barged right between us, shoved his business card in the agent’s hand, and told her to do herself a favor and check the first pages of his novel on his website. O_O That totally happened. I thought things like that were urban myth, like Bigfoot.

Happy Saturday!

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