It’s day 9 of the A to Z and that means… I!

This is one of my favorite things…

1. direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
2. keen, quick insight

Some people scoff at the notion that we are all intuitive. I believe that everyone is. How many times have you had a “gut feeling” about something, positive or negative that turned out to be right? When it comes to writing, I believe this comes into play quite often as you develop your story or as you allow your story to develop itself.

So many times I have worked on a scene in my novels and built a story around some aspect of the character’s experiences, only to realize later that there was something much bigger going on. Perhaps it is symbolic, sometimes it is a greater truth that was scraping the surface. It’s a marvelous thing to go back on your own work and discover something else taking place.

But when you’ve hit something just right, and you know it’s the truth… those are the parts of writing that resonate because they’re real. Those are the Universals. And sometimes you can’t force that to come about. Sometimes those gems are the result of a quiet and reflective mind. I think it behooves a writer to sit and meditate on their work. The longer you let things bounce around in your head, the easier it is for your intuition to come out and play.

Bonus I words for writers: Ideas! Imagination, Inventiveness, Intestinal fortitude

Have you experiences Intuition at work in your writing and in your life?

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