We’re at the halfway mark in the A-to-Z and boy… it’s nice to be here. It sounds so easy when you’re in the cold of winter and the A-to-Z chatter begins and you’re all yeah… I could TOTALLY get on that. The idea of blogging every single day is wonderful. I’ve never been able to do it otherwise and each year I join the A-to-Z with the hope that it will kick me in the pants and catapult my blogging habit into a more regular thing.

I’m at peace now with the fact that I this is an unlikely goal for me at this point in my life, and I only hope that when I am able to get on here and share something that you’ll be entertained, or moved to share, or perhaps you’ll learn something new or pick up a new book that I reviewed and liked.

Today I want to talk about

1. a materialization of an idea into reality


Manifestation is HUGE. I follow this group called TUT.com and get daily emails from the Universe that help me stay mindful of their motto: Thoughts become things… so choose the good ones!

I think this is especially helpful for people who spend their time on creative endeavors. Writers create. Whether you’re writing poetry, short stories, screenplays, lyrics, or books, you usually need some kernel of an idea before you begin. Where is this going? What am I trying to say? Why am I feeling compelled to write this?

Sometimes I find that when my mind goes all muddy, it’s time to step back and think a while on the original kernel. It’s good to think back on why you started. To delve in your mind and revisit that initial moment when passion struck and you got going on the project in question.

Are you aware of your power to manifest? 

Bonus M words for Writers: Mojo, Meaning, Motivation, Meditation.

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  1. Me too, had to steal the poster! But really what got me about your post today is that it’s exactly what I needed to hear, to ingest, to really think (LOL) upon because I feel so far away from when I began the novel I’m almost done with that I have lost sight of the origin of it, the idea, the thought, the feeling that inspired it. I need to get back in touch with that original emotion and sink into it. I think then I will give it the completion it deserves. Thank you so much for this post.

  2. I didn’t realize we were halfway through until I saw it today. I’ve now written through “W” and scheduled them all to post at the designated time. X isn’t going to be easy! I just realized those “Most Interesting Man in the World” posters are made by generators. I thought there were really that many good ones out there!

    Visiting you from the A to Z challenge sign-up page. Great to meet you!

    Stephanie Faris, author
    30 Days of No Gossip

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