26 Words Every Writer Needs: N #atozchallenge

How’s your week treating you? I swear, I feel like time is blowing by me this month. Anyone else feel that way? I am pleased to report that this week has been rather productive in the writerly sense, and that is because of this little sign right here:

No Excuses
1. the state of mind where one refuses to give in or let a cause be lost.

The greatest enemy to a writer is the excuse. It’s a lot of work to write, and deep down, your subconscious knows this. It wants you to loll around and eat bon bons between napping and vacation days. I am afraid to try and list all the things that get done around here when I should be writing.

I’ve organized the pantry, re-arranged the dishes and glasses in the kitchen cabinets, cleaned the freaking toilets, by god. I even went to IKEA, and I *really* dislike shopping. #truestory

If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that you have to nip that devil in the bud.  Just cut it off at the root and soak the rest in weed killer. Because in order to achieve your writerly goals, guess what?  … You have to write.

No excuses. None.

Sure, everyone has other things like, you know, kids, and errands, and maybe a job… but I’m talking about keeping your writing time sacred. Holding yourself accountable to the promise you’ve made to yourself.  This is a new thing for me… really sticking with a schedule. I’ve tried in the past and failed miserably. But I now know: You have to respect your writing time, or nobody else will. 

Do you find life getting in the way of your writerly goals?

Bonus words for writers: Nurture, Nature, Notebooks

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