Welcome back to the A-to-Z!  Today we’re going to talk about something that I think serves us all in our every day lives, and it applies to writers, too.


1. the free expression of one’s true feelings
2. receptiveness

As a writer, I’ve found that openness is a virtue. As far as creativity goes, the more open you are, the better. So often I find that as I am outlining ideas for whatever I’m working on, the more open I let my mind become, the more I let go of the ideas I’m trying to work with and let them morph and expand into the things they are trying to be, the better my writing becomes.

Also, as a creative person, and especially as a writer, it is important for all of us to remain open to feedback. That’s not to say you heed every bit of advice you hear. You must employ your own good judgment when it comes to that. But I do think you need to be open to receiving all the feedback you can get.

You also have to be open to trust yourself. Sometimes, when I get feedback that doesn’t feel right to me, but I see that just about all of my critique partners have stopped to note *something* caught their eye at a specific point… I sit for a while. I percolate over that passage, or plot point, or word… and let my mind be open to something new.  It almost always works.

How do you find openness helps you in your writing?

Bonus O Words for Writers:  onomatopoeia, optomism, originality, OM

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  1. I have learned that it takes me three days to “sit” with critics. Once I read the critic, or hear it, I sit on it for three days and usually by that time I’m able to come back at it with an open mind, to decided whether or not to use the critic…

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