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26 Words Every Writer Needs: S #atozchallenge - Corinne O'Flynn

Welcome back to the A-to-Z folks, it’s time for the S post… and for that I want to talk about something that resonates with me on a daily basis.

source: google

1. an act or instance of separating or the state of being separated
2. a point of parting

A couple of years ago, one of our lovely A-to-Z hosts, Damyanti, invited me to guest blog about the best writing advice I’d ever received.  In that post I shared a this one line that really changed my perspective on my work:

“You have to view your work not as something precious to you, 
but as a product to be positioned and sold.”  
– Jane Friedman

I still remember the first time I read that. There’s no doubt that the pile of advice gems has definitely grown, and hopefully will continue to every day. But this one still belongs right there on the top of my list as an author who would one day like to see her work published.

You have to be able to let it go. And at the risk of bringing yet another reference to that lovely song onto the internet…  let it go.

Bonus words for writers:  synchronicity, serendipity, sleep

What say you about the idea of being able to separate from your work?

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  1. As we indulge ourselves so deeply into our work, we find the traumatic experiences of publication and rejection to be tremendous peaks and valleys. A very tiring (but satisfying) adventure for sure.

    But if we separate ourselves, maybe we find a peaceful place where we can appreciate our work, accept the critiques and praises with open eyes and an honest heart. Maybe that’s where the ultimate satisfaction lies. A while ago I wrote the following: “I am nothing that I write, and yet it is everything in me.” I find separation in that phrase.

  2. I agree. So interesting how many varying and even contradictory advices are out there. I agree, but also think the heart has to matter or the love for creating dies…

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