Not sure this is actually a word… but I’m going to go for it anyway. It’s U day at the #atozchallenge and we’re almost to the end!  This word is apt for all you A-to-Zers because in order to make it through you have to have a spirit of:

1. the quality of never wanting to stop

Which reminds me…

On the long journey of creating through writing, there are times when you may question why you’re doing this. But the reasons for your writing, the value in your writing, the gratification you get from your writing needs to come from within. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time; letting my own feelings be the measure of my work. I’m a middle child… that’s never been an easy one.  ;)

But if there is one thing looking within has taught me, it’s that I won’t stop writing. I love writing. It eases my mind and it excites me. I love the way my mind builds ideas into stories and I love hearing from readers who were transported into the world I wrote. I’d love to make a living at it. And even if that dream never materializes, I will still write. Unceasingly.

Bonus U words for writer: uncritical, upbeat, understanding.

What drives your writing?

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  1. I thought of this today on my drive home from work. At times it seems silly to keep plugging away at something that doesn’t meet society’s description of “success.” And yet we continually look to “society” to approve of our efforts and our work. FB likes, Twitter followers, blog posts, book sales, amazon rankings…did I mention making any money?

    But I will be unceasing in my efforts as well. To stop writing means a part of me stops living. And besides, who else would I talk to when our dogs are sleeping?

  2. This subject, I think, is on every writer’s mind at some point or other, and comes back to haunt every now and then. Thanks for the pep talk. I loved The Neverending Story! The book was SO much better than the movie, but the movie was good too. The first one, not the second…

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