It’s V day! And that means it’s time to talk about something near and dear to my heart:

1. to engage in passive relaxation

source: google

This is kind of like my Q post from the other day, except this is resting for the sake of resting. Not ulterior motive here. Sometimes napping just won’t cut it. You know when you’re feeling like your brain has turned to jelly but you only have a little while until the next thing has to happen and taking a nap will make you into a brain-dead zombified version of yourself?  This is when you need to just veg out.

It’s a very scientific term. And a truly complicated exercise. Here’s the steps:

1. stop moving.

There you go. You could add 2. get prone or 3. put feet up or do what I do and 4. turn on the electric blanket. But these are unnecessary to the main objective of totally relaxing. Breathe in, breathe out… let the mind shut off a bit. This is another one that’s hard for me because if I sit still I will fall asleep almost always. So, if you’re like me, set your timer just in case!

Bonus V words for writers: venturesome, verify, vernacular

Do you make resting a part of your writerly duties?

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  1. I don’t. But I should. :-) Maybe it would counter my tendency to fall asleep in front of the monitor when I finally get time to write in the evenings. :-) Good reminder! Good post–and Yay–we’re almost there! :-)

  2. I’ll rest only if I hit a bad patch and need to break it off. Otherwise I’ll run with it until it’s time to stop. But I do take breaks in the form of a day or two off. (Fly fishing is one my favorite refuelers!)

    BTW: Just heard this song on the radio right before clicking in. Thanks for the reply…love it.

  3. I only seem to rest when I go to bed at night, and I know that’s not the best time. I work from home, and my phone is always buzzing. :( Visiting from #atozchallenge

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