26 Words Every Writer Needs: W #atozchallenge

Oh friends, we’re almost to the end! And today’s all about W and one of the best words there is:

1. noun: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable
2. verb: desire or be curious to know something.
3. verb: feel admiration and amazement; marvel

Ah…. wonder. There are so many funny memes out there which talk about writers and how we are not like other people. While many of them ring true, I find that most of the truisms that apply to writers can be applied equally to most anyone who spends their time in a creative pursuit.

Writing requires a mindset of openness and receptiveness, and to get there you need to wonder. Go on wonder-walks to reconnect with nature and settle down, or untie story knots with your steps. Wonder-wading is also rather special… what is it about water and its ability to kick-start the creative process? Both of these things are especially useful while you’re wonder-waiting for responses to submissions.

Many people think that the state of wonder if something that only a child can achieve. But I say that it just might be that creative people have found a way to maintain that wonder as they grew up. Maybe that’s what makes “us” different?

Another WONDER that every writer needs:

Seriously… omg the FEELS! 

Are you tapping into your wonder? I find my pinterest a great place to harness images that help me wonder…

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