Almost home, people. As we get to the seldom-used letters at the end of the alphabet, I find myself unwilling to pick the low-hanging dictionary fruit. And despite the little list I’ve gathered of unique Y words, I can’t help but stick with my first choice. A plain and small, and hopeful word:

1. up until the present or a specified or implied time; by now or then.

I just got back from a trip to Massachusetts where I was able to attend the Newburyport Literary Festival and meet many authors. Over the course of the various talks and interviews, I was struck how often these writers shared how long it took.

How long it took to write their book, how long it took to publish, how long it took to achieve whatever it was they were talking about. And this left me feeling rather hopeful.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there seems to be this constant sense of urgency related to getting my books out there and published and read. There is a sense that I started late, or that I have missed some window of opportunity on this journey related to my own timing of it all. Crazypants? I don’t know.

But a part of me feels differently about that today. The impatience will always be there, I think. I’ve had this dream for so long. But the overwhelming pressure I’ve put on myself seems to have drifted away for now after hearing so many times that it is a universal thing, the waiting. And it seems that while timing is everything, you can’t manufacture perfect timing with intention. It’s a fabulous change.

And so… I am feeling rather good about that tiny word. I’ll get there. I just haven’t gotten there yet.

Bonus Y words for writers: yes, yummy (for the snacks!)

Do you struggle with this sense of urgency around your writing goals?

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