5-Minute Fiction – I’m a finalist!

Are you aware of the awesomeness that is Leah Petersen’s 5-Minute Fiction? I visited Leah’s blog a few times and saw all the shenanigans going on each Tuesday at 1:30P EST, I think this is week 41? This things’ got legs, yo!

Here’s how it works: A word prompt will be posted and you have 5 minutes to write a short piece using that word within it.  A judge selects their top five, and then we all get to vote on the winner!  Simple. Awesome.

What does the winner get?  Glory! Fame! A Moment In The Sun! An extra cookie!

I opened up my little blog calendar and made a note for today so I’d be there waiting for the prompt. And miracle of miracles, I was actually here and ready!

This week, 5-Minute Fiction is going on tour! Today’s contest was hosted by Claire LeGrand (thank you Claire!) See here the list of future weeks’ hosts. This week’s guest judge, Serena Lawless (@vicariousills)

The time arrived.

The prompt: worst.  (um…)

So I flailed. And then I got rolling. And a little crazy scene popped out of my head. There were typos, and no time to fix them! There were re-dos and still the clock ticked on… I can’t remember feeling pressure like that before.  Next week I am setting my litttle iPhone timer because I was freaked out that I was running long the whole time.

Well… guess what?

The entries were really all fabulous. Some were heavy and emotional, some were hilarious, and some were just tense. I have to say that writing under the clock like that is very heart-pumping awesome. I am so excited to have finished a coherent piece, let alone be named among the finalists. If you want to read all the entries, they are listed in the comments of this postThe finalists posts are here.

Congrats to all the finalists, and thank you to Leah Petersen and Claire LeGrand and Serena Lawless. So, go now, and read the posts created by me and the other finalists and vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Cannot WAIT for next week!!  *marks calendar*

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