51 Days until the BolderBoulder!

Transformation Day: 43 Weight loss: 8 lbs Total body inches lost: 3 (I lost 6″ at my hips (!!), but my firmer arms and legs are offsetting, lol!) Mood: Excited! Today is day 43 of my “fitness transformation” and I am addicted to results! I started working out with two of my friends back in February doing TurboJam at home three days a week, and cannot believe the change in my body! After five pregnancies, I never thought I would ever see my abs again, and slowly but surely, they are starting to appear! We are starting to talk about taking it up a notch to a 5-days a week commitment, and challenging ourselves with more intense programs. The ones we are interested in are ChaLEAN Extreme and P90X. Check them out at BeachBody and WOWY. You can join for free and track your progress with me! I am, to use a phrase that will date me… stoked! The big news for me is my goal: Running the BolderBoulder 10k this May 25! I finally registered last night and I know I can do it! And am eager to begin blogging about my training and milestones to keep me motivated! WOOHOO!

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