A for Agelast – #atozchallenge

It’s here already!  Welcome to the A to Z Challenge in which I will find fun and weird words to share with you as we make our way through the alphabet. It’s been fun seeking out fresh words after doing this for a few years… so I hope I’m able to keep things interesting for you in 2013.


The A to Z Challenge is the brain child of Arlee Bird, and is now so huge it has its own blog. The event is managed by a host of additional bloggers whose dedication and work on this project has grown it to include over 1600 blogs all over the globe. Thanks guys, this is going to be a lot of fun!!  I’ve met a ton of bloggers and made some lovely friends as a result of this challenge.  For that I give a shout:


Find other blogs to doing the challenge here.  Posts will be short and word verification in comments will be turned off to make it easy to comment without wasting time. And so we begin with the business of the day.  The lovely letter A:

A for Agelast  
[AJ-uh-last] noun:
one who never laughs; a mirthless person.

Everyone has grouchy days, myself included. But a true agelast must lead one heck of a dreary life. So, dear readers… if you’re new to my blog, and see today’s word and think, “Hey, that’s me, exactly!” Then this might not be the blog for you. Just sayin’

I’ll link to past posts each day so you can check out the fun and interesting words from years past. I also posted photo a day, and fave books, and fave music each day in the past.  So, enjoy!

My 2012 word (with link to 2011!) – A for Absquatulate, which makes me smile after going to see Spamalot last night in Denver.

For your additional April enjoyment:
April 2013 #fmsphotoaday prompt: PLAY

In which I got played by the smalls.  Bankrupt after 5 hours. 

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