Anymore, Mother’s Day is a deep-thoughts kind of day for me. My mother died ten years ago and none of my grandmothers are living since the 70’s. After my daughter died, it started to seem like a waste of a day… Now with living children, it is neat to be remembered on Mother’s Day for who I am to them, and it was sweet to have them all chime in as I came down to breakfast.

After the nightmare events of the Mother’s Day Fiasco of 2007 (more about that later), I was hoping that this would be the year that I was given a nice and calm mother’s day with a bit of fuss and perhaps some mimosas.

Well, that isn’t what happened. Did you know that the Player’s Championship golf tournament ALWAYS is set for Mother’s Day weekend? I do now… (insert wry smirk here)

Not one to sit around mope about, I prefer to mope while doing things instead. I took my 5 year old daughter out for a ‘girl day’ lunch, and a visit to the Angel statue. We were placing our long stemmed roses on the statue (pink from Rory and yellow from me), and Rory asked me to read the inscription to her from the dedication tile. We were crouched down and I was moving my finger along the words as I read them.

We stood up and I turned around to see a man on his bike who had stopped and was watching us. I smiled at him and he smiled back and said in the most touching way, “Happy Mother’s Day”. It was clear that he was not addressing the fact that my daughter was walking alongside me… he was talking about Rowan. I can’t really describe how that felt. He saw a woman placing flowers at the angel and he knew that there was a child being remembered.

I wiped the tears away as I got in the car, I am thankful that I received this amazing gift on Mother’s Day for the one child that nobody can see.

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