January 20, 2011

On writer’s block…

oh blank monitor
word doc staring back starkly
damned blinking cursor
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  1. Hooray for haikus about writer’s block! I love haiku, and this topic is near, and not so dear, to my heart. Can easily relate, in fact, I did the same as you a while back and put my feelings into haiku form. Just figured I’d share:


    An arid inkwell,
    drive dissipates. Virgin stock
    weeps with its neglect.

  2. Hey, that’s pretty cool! I’ve never written a haiku! Every time I think to my mind goes “derrrrrrr.” Yeah, takes some natural skill. Loved the show of anger at the end. Tough to have all that blank space when you want to write.

  3. @Anthony, that was awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have a favorite one I wrote about my crock pot, lol.


    Oh, Empty Crock Pot
    I wonder how to fill you
    So you can fill us

    @Carolina – I am not sure about natural skill so much as absolute horror at not being able to write anything at all. I can come up with 17 syllables and feel like I have actually accomplished something. Every time! :)

  4. I love haiku in general (the writing of and the reading) and i LOVE both your haikus.
    We hatessss writer’s block, Precious. Hates it.

    I’m new here *waves* from my friend, Nicole’s blog. Nice to meet you. :)

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend,

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