Hello friends! There’s only two days left to vote for the winner of the #REN3 Rule of Three Blogfest! In case you haven’t heard, my story took me by surprise by getting tapped as a finalist among five other really awesome goodies. They’re short, they’re fun, and they all take place in the same little town called Renaissance: Population 333.  If you haven’t already, please take a gander and vote for your favorite.  (Also, sign up to be in next year’s contest!)

I used to be so awed by the idea of people back in the very olden times who hand wrote their tomes. Imagine hand writing with ink and quill, on parchment, and then re-writing the next copy. All for posterity. 

Well… behold this illustration from the annals of history: dude is chained to a desk!

chainless writers’ daily bane 
the interwebs calls
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