ETA:  lolling at myself that today is Wednesday.  Thanks to my friend for the heads up!

This is where I am today…

world building head game
grasping aching beautiful
step through mind pages

source: http://www.coolest-wallpapers.com/fantasy/wallpapers/castle-fantasy-wallpapers.jpg

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  1. The first two lines really hit home for me. I’m in the process of getting ready for NaNoWriMo and I’m not sure how much information is necessary to build my world to write the first draft of my new mystery novel. The entire process does feel like a mind game. I’m constantly grasping at everything I can cram into my brain, and as a result, leaves me in pain. I just hope that in the end it turns out just right.

  2. Oh Laura, I feel that way all the time! I have to just left it go and write on and hope that I can get all of the info back in a rewrite, or have notes with me to pepper the details as I go. Such a head game.

    PS – just realized that it is Wednesday… #blogfail :)

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