time. standing, flying
it eludes, evades capture.
wanting more, we are.

Oh hi!  Sorry to have left without a trace last week, but some exciting things are going on in my non-writing life that have required all of my moments, and the in-between was filled with sick kids, and mom-naps. #fordaysanddays

The exciting stuff is that my nonprofit org is one step closer to getting our very own specialty license plate in Colorado. For those of you who might not be aware, in some US States they have allowed causes and other orgs like sports teams and military groups create a specialty plate that you can purchase for your car. Our plate will be for Child Loss Awareness, and the bill is coming into committee in a couple of weeks.  I am busy with this and excited by this, and learning a civics lesson all at the same time.

Anyone remember the Schoolhouse Rock that talks about how bills are made into law? I am involved in this, albeit on the State level #yay:

Send good wishes for our bill HB12-1131 to be voted favorably through committee, and if you wish to stay in the loop on how to contact your legislators and other news relating to this, subscribe to our newsletter at Rowan Tree Foundation and like RTF on Facebook!

Peace, love and license plates!

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