In case you have not already heard, there is something fun going on the web each April. In 2011, if you took away all the Sundays in the month of April you were left with exactly 26 days. This year it looks like we start on Sunday so we might have to bend that rule a little.  Assign each day a letter and blog along that theme, and you’re in!  Check out the A-to-Z Blog Challenge.

Join me and more than a thousand other bloggers this April as we embark on yet another month of alphabet goodness. It sounds easy, but I have to say they call it a challenge for good reason.  You get Sundays off, but that is still a lot of blogging.   Sign Up here!

As you might have learned hanging around here, I love words and word origins. Last April I had a blast blogging about a fab word each day. Some were new to me, some were oldies that deserved some time in the sun, and some were just hilarious. Even more fun was finding images to go with the posts every day!

There is a lot of great information about the blogfest on the site, so go check it out and join me in April.

Peace, love, and alphabet blogs!

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