About to Reach a Goal!

Me (ME173) at my first ever race – The Bolder Boulder ’09

26.2 – here I come!

At this time tomorrow I will be somewhere past the halfway mark of my first marathon. I am so excited and nervous about undertaking this, even though I know I have it in me after all the training my partner J and I have put in.

I am starting to realize that it is a head-game, that goal: 26.2 miles.  (kinda like the idea of writing a whole novel!) I’ve already done 22 miles and on that day I could have carried on. It just feels so totally different when I think about the event, wearing a shoe timing tag and being assigned a bib number.

I’ve been talking about it for months and my training has been posted as I go for all to see. And now my family and friends will be able to get text alerts of my progress and watch me via my GPS tracker if they want to. All of this once added pressure but now I see it will push me.

For me, this is a bucket list thing. I don’t know if I will do another marathon in the future. I really enjoy running with my friend and working to increase our pace on the shorter runs, 5k and 10k, but the longer runs are too much to maintain both time-wise and life-wise. With my family, and my work, and my writing, the commitment required of a marathon training regimen simply isn’t possible long term.  I admire the repeat marathoners and IronMan men and women out there who are able to make this a priority.  In awe, I am. Truly. 

I’m really proud of myself for getting this far. For training up to the event, for sticking to the plan (mostly!) and making it happen. For taking a chance and putting myself out there. When I was younger I used to be so afraid to try things, and when I did it was done quietly so failure wasn’t so painful and public. Now I love pushing to see what I can do.  It is never an easy thing to do, but I have to tell you, nothing compares to following through on a commitment.

So, wish me luck for tomorrow and send me wings!

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