Ok, so I know I am like 6.5 hours late in posting the winners but we had a complete Girl Scout Cookie Crisis today that began when my daughter *insisted* (there were tears) that we sort and deliver all of the cookies she sold this year because the booth sales were going to start today at the grocery store and she didn’t want people to get upset when they went to grocery shop and saw the cookies there but they didn’t have their cookies at home *inhale* and so we really need to get this done and I can walk across the street right away for the next door neighbors while you sort the others. Right now. At 11am. And girlfriend sold 230 boxes of cookies this time around. O_o

So, I am home now and just bounced on over to random.org to get the winners all sorted as well.

First of all, let me give a huge hug to all of my new followers!  Welcome here!  This has been such a fun contest and I just feel so warm and fuzzy knowing that we’re all one big blogerly family.  *squeeze* Are you feeling it?  I am!

Thank you as well to everyone who entered and tweeted and blogged about my contest.  Really, guys.  Totally.  Yeah – *sigh*

Now on to business.

Since we are on the *cusp* of 150 and we also have a few through the networked blog that may or may not also be counted on the google thingie too, I have decided that close enough is good enough for this one and we’ve upped the ante and we’re giving away THREE PRIZES!!

And the winners are:

(Breathless Tour 2011 Book of choice, signed #Breathlesstour poster, signed bookmarks x2, and cookies)

(Breathless Tour 2011 Book of choice, signed #Breathlesstour bookmarks x2, and cookies)
(Breathless Tour 2011 Book of choice, unsigned bookmark x1, and cookies)

Congratulations to all three winners and I look forward to hearing how much you loved the books (and the cookies!)

*WINNERS*:  Please email me your mailing address to: oflynn-at-gmail-dot-com & tell me which book you would like and if you want SAMOAS or THIN MINTS with your tea. ;)
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  1. Woo HOOOOOOO! I won, I won, I won, I won!!!!
    Nuttin’ beats Girl Guide Cookies… only thing better is FREE GIRL GUIDE COOKIES!!!!
    Thanks, Corrine! I’ll send you my address asap!!!!
    And did I say thanks?

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