Happy Cinco de Mayo folks!

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I’m Feeling:  Like I have wasted my writing time today solving pesky computer issues.

I’m Wondering: Are you in a crit group?  Why or why not? How did you find your group, and what do you like best about it?  Do you meet in person, come together online?  Via email?  Telephone?

I am looking to get involved in a critique group for YA Fantasy but have absolutely no idea where to begin.


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  1. Critique partners are crucial!

    My critique group has just kind of fallen apart (people moving away) and I miss it, even though no one else was writing in my genre. So now I am looking around for new crit partners on-line and hopefully someone in my genre. I have a YA fantasy in mind though at the moment I am finishing up a Middle Grade Fantasy.

  2. I have an online crit group and exchanges pages weekly and am in the process of forming a RL crit group (trying too at least) – I NEED my crit partners…like oxygen! Good luck with everything.

  3. I know you can find critique groups on the SCBWI discussion forums (if you’re a member). I think, but I’m not positive, you can find them in Yahoo groups. I’d also check the AbsoluteWrite forums.

    I need one myself, but I’m working on YA contemporary.

  4. I went to a writer’s conference and ended up forming a critique group with one of the authors I met there (who lives fairly close), plus a couple of my neighbors I already knew who write. But I even started sending critiques back and forth with another attendee from a different country. Lots of options out there and it really makes a difference. I write YA & Middlegrade Fantasy (and fiction).

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