I am excited to be taking part in the A to Z Blog Challenge going on all month! As a result I will be posting every day except Sundays for the month of April (that leaves 26 days of blogging insanity goodness, my friends). Depending on my ability to be creative, I may or may not be able to sustain my weekly themes (Monday Memo and Thursday Haiku), but I will try.  The A to Z Challenge is the brain child of Arlee Bird, and this year it is also being hosted by several others listed here.  Thanks guys, this is going to be a lot of fun!!

I will try to keep the posts short and word verification off so you have time to pop around and visit the other blogs on the tour.


Isn’t that a fabulous word?  It is a medical term to describe an abnormal inability to sustain attention. (I know, I thought it was going to end up somewhere else completely!) I like the term because it is so precise. As someone who is revising one manuscript and writing another, it describes how I feel a lot of the time. Either I am in The Zone, or I am everywhere else. Imagine explaining to someone that you’re sorry, you wish you could do such-and-such, but you’ve had a sudden onset of acute aprosexia.  O_O

Also, have you ever wondered–look… squirrel!

My A Read: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis

My A Listen: These little babies just arrived in the mail, and I am one smitten kitten!

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  1. A for Awesome! Loving your blog post and your squirrel. So glad I checked Twitter when you were there. I’ll “b” back tomorrow (sorry, I know that was pretty lame, but I just couldn’t resist.)


  2. Great word — and I LOVED that squirrel! Across the Universe is next on my to-read list. Just have to finish up my book and I’m ready to dive in. My kids have read my copy; they say it’s phenomenal. Can’t wait!

  3. I learned a new word today, thanks! Found you from the challenge, awesome blog! I haven’t yet read Across the Universe, I think I’ll use my Borders coupon and buy it before the Borders in my town closes.


  4. Haha I love that squirrel!

    I loved Across the Universe, a worthy “A” book.

    I’ve learned a handful of new words today. I feel like I’m back in school doing my vocabulary lessons. :)

  5. That is a fabulous word!

    LOL. We have squirrels in our road and they are funny, except when they try to get into our house.

    I’m reading Across the Universe and loving every minute of it!

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