#atozchallenge – B for Borborygmus

Noun: the rumbling and gurgling noise made by the movement of gas through the intestines.

Welcome A-to-Zers!

Yesterday I shared with you a photo that included my dog, Maisy, staring at me as if I might evaporate before her eyes. We have two dogs, and this is a recent shot of the other in my office.  Meet Clancey:

A Clancey in the Sun

This fabulous dog hangs out wherever I happen to be, and when he sleeps I get to enjoy a veritable chorus of borborygmus (borborygmi?) from the old leather chair.  The sounds range from tiny high-pitched squeaks, to the surprising bursts that should wake him but do not, to the elongated bass-tone burbles that sound as if there is a raucous meeting of amoeba going on somewhere inside his belly. Gratefully, the cause of his borborygmus remains contained (for the most part) within the confines of his body, and he is, therefore, always welcome in my vicinity.

My 2011 B Post: B for Believers

Today’s photo: Color – When I read today’s #photoadayapril prompt “color”, I immediately thought of this photo, taken last summer of my first ever batch of peach jam. The kids call it “peach amazing” because it is just so yummy. I am down to my last little jar.  :)

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