#atozchallenge -D for Deliberation + Development

Are you a brainstormer?

In the long history of humankind…those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed” -Charles Darwin 

When I am working on an idea for my writing (or in life actually), I find the most valuable ideas come after a brainstorming session.  With my writing, I love texting with my sister to figure things out. Why in text? Well, text requires brevity, and that you are concise. It forces me to boil down the thoughts in a way that talking sometimes doesn’t. (And we don’t usually have time to stay on the phone so texting works for that too.)

After hours and a long text thread of thinking later, I might not have solved the question I was working on, but thinking things through and having a few LOLs in the process makes a difference and helps keep me going. I also have a girlfriend who listens to me ranting on the phone (usually while I am driving) and then thinks through some ideas with me.  My poor husband must start cringing when I pop out of my office, arms in the air, “honey, I what do you think about this…”

Most of the brainstorm ideas end up on the cutting room floor, but whenever I struggle with a plot point, or a motivational issue for my characters, or even reworking some things from scratch… I am able to produce much better work if I am able to bounce the ideas around with someone else.  Sometimes I come away with the tiniest kernel of a solution that springs the story forward beautifully.

If you’re stuck with a problem in your story, do you give someone else’s brain a test drive?

My D Read:  The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino  (really different, mystery, thriller)

My D Listen: Dawes

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