#atozchallenge -E for Epizeuxis

Epizeuxis: Another fabulous word that is just crying for attention, literally. An epizeuxis (noun) is the repetition of words in immediate succession, for vehemence or emphasis.

Here is a #truestory to ‘splain: 

My son’s 1st grade class does these projects where they study a subject then write a single page about them. All of these assignments are then laminated and bound in a book, to be sent home, one student at a time, to their home. This is about a book they did on Martin Luther King.

Remember back in the day when your English teacher gave you an assignment to do a book report that had to be at least two pages, double spaced and you thought you were being so creative in telling the story about the guy Romeo who was very very very very much in love with the very very beautiful Juliette, but their families were very very very very much in a feud that kept them apart and that was very very very very sad….

I laughed when I read this one… It is not my son’s assignment, indeed I wish my son would write so much about anything! But… this one takes the cake! (I have corrected spelling errors):

Dr. King is a very good person. He is a very good person and smart. He is smart and good and brave. He is the smartest goodest on the earth on earth. He is the smartest and good. He is very smart. And very very good good person. He is very good and smart he is the goodest on earth. He is very smart. He is the smartest smartest goodest on earth. He is the goodest person on the earth. He is the smartest on earth. He is very smart good and good. Pretty smart and pretty good and smart smart. He is a very very good pretty and very smart. He is the goodest person ever. He is good. In fact he is so so smart.

‘Nuff said

Edit to add my other bits, I almost forgot:

My E Read: Water for Elephants (try the audio of this one… loved it!)

My E Listen: Eponymous by R.E.M.

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