#atozchallenge – F for Farctate

Adj: Stuffed; filled solid, the state of having overeaten.

This word feels incorrect to me when I use it in a sentence.  I am farctate after that Thanksgiving feast.  However, it feels much better in this form: A farctated diner is one who has overeaten and therefore couldn’t eat another bite. Which of course, reminds me of another Monty Python favorite: Poor Mr. Creosote, who lost it all when he partook of a wafer thin mint.

Farctate also feels a bit onomatopoeic (onomatopoetic?) when you envision yourself leaning back in your chair at the table and groan, oh my goodness I am farctate!

It is one of those that sounds naughty but alas, is not.  (certain to entertain the kids!)

My 2011 Post: F for Freak Out (and I shudder as I remember that day… lol) 

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: Lunch
A friend and I took our little guys to lunch and they had a hilarious time tickling each other.  :)

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