Please forgive the day off yesterday, if you saw my Thursday Haiku you will understand and be overcome with feelings of forgiveness.  I do prefer to finish what I have started, and have newfound respect for this challenge because let’s face it… it has proven to be a challenge to post daily! 

In the spirit of staying on track, I bring you letters G and H together.  It will be like my tiny hiatus yesterday never even happened.  ;)

GUNG HO! – meaning zealous, eager, enthusiastic

Example: Corinne was gung ho about the A-to-Z challenge.

This phrase was apparently coined by General Evans Carlson of the US Marines. Adapted from the Chinese kung (work) and ho (together).

According to www.phrases.org (which has an excellent and enlightening weekly email subscription called a phrase a week that might interest you), the New York Times Magazine had an article in 1942 in which they said:

    “Borrowing an idea from China, Carlson frequently has what he calls ‘kung-hou’ meetings… Problems are threshed out and orders explained.”

In 1943 Life magazine reported:

    “He [Carlson] told them [the Marines] of the motto of the Chinese Co-operatives, Gung Ho. It means Work Together… My motto caught on and they began to call themselves the Gung Ho Battalion.”

Source: www.phrases.org, Copyright © Gary Martin

My G Read: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
My H Read: Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

My G Listen: Gov’t Mule – Soulshine (I love the lyrics to this song!)
My H Listen: Harry Chapin – Greatest Stories Live (grew up listening to this album… brings me back.)

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  1. What a clever combo! There was a movie with Michael Keaton in it called Gung Ho.

    I have A Game of Thrones….I haven’t finished it. Is this the same one they’re making a movie or a mini series of?

  2. how interesting. I love to hear how phrases and such came about, the history. Like ‘don’t let him get your goat.’ my mom told me that one. And YES! I think its HBO that’s making A Game of Thrones (book 1). The books – 4 thus far – are excellent, Grade A fantasy. I think book 5 is due out this summer.

  3. I’m glad your kids are feeling better and that you haven’t run from the house screaming. I LOVE learning about the origins of words and phrases so I will be bookmarking the link you included. THANKS!

  4. I think that phrase was the PERFECT recovery from your hiatus. It has been a challenge to post every day, and I have a feeling I’ll have a hiatus soon too. Hopefully not. :)

    New follower from A-Z! Nice to meet you.

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