#atozchallenge – G for Grok

And so the first week of the challenge comes to an end, I hope you’ve had fun exploring 7 days of cooky words with me!  21 more to go!  Tomorrow I’ve got a guest blog by my author friend Toby Neal, and then we’re back to the business of word love come Monday.

Today we have…

The King of Grok

Verb, t.: To understand something completely, to be one with, to have intimate and absolute knowledge of another thing/person/etc.

I like this word because it comes to us from a writer of science fiction. Author Robert A. Heinlein coined the word “grok” in his novel Stranger in a Strange Land, in which a human from Earth is raised by Martians on Mars. In the book, the word is used to describe many different things.  Best summed up by Wikipedia

According to the book, drinking is a central focus on Mars, where water
is scarce. Martians use the merging of their bodies with water as a
simple example or symbol of how two entities can combine to create a new
reality greater than the sum of its parts. The water becomes part of
the drinker, and the drinker part of the water. Both grok each other. 

My 2011 Post: I cheated and combined: G and H for Gung Ho!

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: Shadow
Here I am this morning taking a rare and peaceful walk by myself.

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