#atozchallenge – I for Illeist

Miss Corinne has a new post for the letter I to share with you. She thought it would be interesting because as a rule, she finds it odd when people do this.  And so she presents today’s #atozchallenge I word…

noun: One who refers to himself in the third person.

Miss Corinne is baffled by the phenomenon of illeism. She feels it comes off as forced, and rather pompous. She has read the wikipedia article and admits there are certain uses for it that make sense. For example, when a robot in a story or film might say, “This unit is defective.” But she does not like it when human beings do it. She thinks it makes them sound silly. (The cute little guy pictured above excluded, of course!) Do you know an illeist?

My 2011 Post: I for Inconceivable

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: cold

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