#atozchallenge – J for Jentacular

In a most serendipitous joining of fabulousness, today’s #photoadayapril prompt
matches the word I have chosen for today!  What are the odds, I ask you?!  Pretty darn good when you know both variables while you’re searching… ;)

Without further ado, I present today’s word:

Adjective – Of or pertaining to breakfast.

It is interesting (to me) to find there are such specific words out there. The precision of certain words is also linked to last year’s J post in which I recall talking about this as well. Last year’s J word remains a fave of mine to this day. Take a peek if you have a second:

My 2011 Post: (one of my faves from last year) J for Juglandaceous

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt:  Where you ate breakfast
I confess, I usually enjoy a cuppa tea at my desk while working most mornings.

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