ju·glan·da·ceous (adj.) joo-glan-dey-shuhs

This word is so huge, and so fun to say… (especially if you prefer speaking in faux accents as if you were from say… Transylvania like my little friend below must be (he has an accent)) and yet it is one of those words that is surprisingly specific and relates only to one thing and therefore we are so rarely able to use it.  What’s it about?  Behold:


Gaze at ze juglandaceous goodness! But no touching!

And so, to honor this much unused word, I offer some examples for you to use in the future where you want to compliment someone on their use of walnuts:

“Why, Felice! This sweet bread is wonderful in its juglandaceousness!”
“Pearl, have you tasted this cranberry walnut muffin? It has such lovely juglandaceous aromas.”
“The milliner that outfitted the attendees at the royal wedding has a tendency toward the juglandaceous.”

And there you have it…

My J Read:  And of the Lord John books by Diana Gabaldon

My J Listen: Jonny Lang – Breakin’ Me *swoooon*

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  1. Nice post! Now that has to be one of the most unique words ever. Let’s see if I can type it without looking at your post—jugalandaceous. Let’s check my spelling. Oops. One too many a’s, but not bad.

    And great blog, I’m following!

  2. Where DO you come up with these words?? :)

    Gosh, wasn’t it just last month that you held your Almost 100 Followers Contest? Now you’re at 220!! O.o

  3. Thanks Siv!

    @Matthew Welcome! Isn’t it a bizarre word? I like the way your version sounds, lol. I am glad you like my blog. I am having a ball with it.

    @Wendy I wish I knew where the words come from… its like magic some days, lol. I was just thinking about the followers… I smell a contest. Must somehow wrap it in to the #atozchallenge though. hmmmmmm.

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